Why People Love Pit Bulls

Friday, November 23, 2018 12:36:20 PM America/Los_Angeles

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘A dog is a man’s best friend,’ but Pitbull’s take this euphemism to a whole new level. Pits were created by breeding Bulldogs with Terriers in order to produce a dog possessing the agility of the terrier and the incredible strength of the Bull Dog. Until 1835, Pit Bulls gained increasing popularity in the United Kingdom for their strength in the popular sport known as dogfighting. After the ban, Pit Bulls played a prominent role in twentieth-century America as a catch dog for wild hogs and cattle. Due to their unique combination of agility and strength, Pit Bulls have been a popular choice amongst dog owners as a guard dog. They are also easy to potty trainensuring housebreaking is a breeze. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you should invest in this amazing breed, listed are 10 reasons that may help make this decision a little easier.

Pit Bulls Are Wonderful With Children

Hands down, Pit Bulls make some of the best guard dogs. Many people envision Pit Bulls as being one of the fiercest dogs but few realize just how gentle these guys really are. If you raise your Pit from a young age, they are usually highly affectionate, meaning your children will always be safe around your family friend.

Pit Bulls Stay Healthy With Proper Care, Even If It’s Minimal

Pit Bulls are usually free from some of the genetic issues faced by other breeds. While it is certainly true that Pits have some genetic issues, like patellar luxation and hip dysplasia, these genetic issues are rare and usually not fatal.

Pit Bulls Want To Please Their Master

pitbull This is one of the reasons why Pit Bulls are easy to potty train, they are eager to please. When they do something wrong, once reprimanded, they will usually try to avoid it in the future. These types of dogs really crave the affection and attention of their owners and anything that may hinder that will not be something these pets would want.  When potty training, using a dog potty or indoor dog grass for a certain period of time will usually help make this process simple and less messy.


Pit Bulls Are Not Lazy

If you’re an athletic person who lives for their morning jogs, then owning a Pit Bull will certainly enhance your life. These types of dogs love the outdoors and are very athletic by nature. Morning jogs or evening walks are encouraged when you own a Pit as these activities will not only keep you healthy and fit but also strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Just Because They’re Fierce, Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Like To Cuddle

Pit Bulls are known and bred for their strength and prowess, but few people know their dirty little secret….they love to cuddle! Even though Pit Bulls are athletic by nature, they also usually have a sedentary side which craves affection. Hugs and petting are a must with this dog.  

Allergy Friendly Coat

Unlike other dogs, Pits aren’t usually very furry creatures. Many who choose not to own a pet, do so for reasons oftentimes related to their physical health. For those will allergies, cats and dogs are typically out of the question. Although Pit Bulls do have fur, it isn’t excessive like a Chihuahua’s.    

They Don’t Need Lots Of Grooming

For those people who find grooming a pain, Pit Bulls are perfect for you. One of the reasons Pitbull’s are people amongst most pet owners is that they are a breeze when it comes to grooming. Rarely do owners really even need to groom these types of dogs as their fur isn’t very thick or fuzzy.

Pit Bulls Are Just Downright Funny

Just like people, dogs have distinct personalities with Pit Bulls possessing some of the most rambunctious ones. Being a former owner, I can tell you how much these dogs love to play. Having plenty of backyard space to run around is a must with these breeds.

Pit Bulls Make The Cutest Puppies

Pit Bulls make some of the most adorable pets. Even when they don’t use the potty as they should. When you see their cute faces starting to pout, your heart will instantly melt, guaranteed.  Regardless of this fact, pet potty and wee wee pad's are a wise investment for these pups.

Pit Bulls Have Been Rated Some Of The Best Baby Sitters

A recent news story broadcasted on WNDU out of Nebraska detailed a wonderful Pit Bull who actually protected a nine-year-old child during a home invasion. When the masked man entered the house, the nine-year-old child ran upstairs and called his trusty Pit Bull down to confront the masked man. Astonishingly, the Pit Bull, named Baby Girl, attacked the intruder and chased him out of the house.

Knowing what you know now should help you see all the wonderful reasons why a Pit Bull is the perfect choice for your family pet. If you’re looking for pet supplies, don’t forget to visit doggielawn.com for all the essentials your pet needs to stay happy and healthy for years to come.