5 Reasons to Use an Indoor Dog Potty

Friday, January 17, 2020 04:14:50 PM

Even though it's always great exercise and enrichment for your dog to take a walk/potty break outside, there are some situations where dog owners might be hesitant to bring their fur babies outside. In these circumstances it can be incredibly helpful to have an indoor potty spot for your dog. Here are 5 reasons that you might want to consider an indoor pet potty for your pooch.

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Is Real Grass Worth It?

Friday, January 10, 2020 09:06:26 AM

It’s great to be able to take your dog on a nice long walk outside where there is lots of room for them to play, run, and use the potty in real grass-- but when you live in an urban jungle without a backyard or nearby park, it can be hard to make sure your pup gets the chance to go in a natural setting where they feel comfortable. No matter if you’re on the east or west coast, all busy dog parents seek an indoor dog potty solution. At first glance, there seem to be a number of solutions on the market, but are they worth it?

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Dogs on Diuretics: 3 Useful Products to Give Them Relief

Monday, November 18, 2019 03:17:53 PM

Of course we can't predict when our dogs have to urinate while on diuretics, however there are solutions that can help your pup understand where to go whenever they need a pee break.

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