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Standard DoggieLawn
Standard DoggieLawn

Standard DoggieLawn

    24” x 16” (for dogs under 15lbs)
Medium DoggieLawn
Medium DoggieLawn

Medium DoggieLawn

    24” x 20” (for dogs 10-30lbs)
Large DoggieLawn
Large DoggieLawn

Large DoggieLawn

    24” x 24” (for dogs 20-50lbs)
XL DoggieLawn
XL DoggieLawn

XL DoggieLawn

    24” x 48”(for dogs over 40lbs or multiple dogs)
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Tray sold separately for XL size lawns.

The Perfect Puppy Potty Solution


Puppies Instinctively Love Grass
Puppies don’t want to potty on plastic pee pads. DoggieLawn is real grass, so they naturally love the smell. It’s the easiest potty training solution because dogs just ‘get it’! Plus, it makes the transition to going potty outside easier because your pup will already be used to peeing on grass! 

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No More Smelly & Messy Fake Grass Or Pee Pads
Raising a puppy is hard enough! No one wants to spend time cleaning artificial turf or constantly changing out pee pads (puppies pee A LOT). One lawn lasts up to a month! Simply toss it in the green bin or trash when you get the next one. DoggieLawn's hydroponic root bed absorbs urine and urine odors, making it perfect for keeping indoors OR on the balcony.

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The Perfect Size For Your Pup
Puppies have smaller bladders, making them have to pee much more frequently. That’s why it's best to give them a larger area to potty on so it lasts longer! The larger surface area is also better for preventing accidents while your pup is still learning :) That's why, for puppies, we recommend our XL lawn!

The Perfect Puppy Potty Solution
A Size for Every Dog!

A Size for Every Dog!

DoggieLawn offers REAL dog patio potty grass that your dog can use indoors or outdoors in four different sizes (six if you count our two smaller sizes for critters and cats)! Our Standard DoggieLawn is 16 x 24 inches and is perfect for dogs 15lbs and under. Our Medium DoggieLawn is slightly bigger at 20 x 24 inches and is good for dogs up to 30lbs. For dogs 20-50lbs, we suggest our Large DoggieLawn that measures at 24 x 24 inches. Dogs over 40lbs, or households with multiple dogs may want to opt for a dog grass box with more surface area. Our 24 x 48 inch XL DoggieLawn is ideal for larger dogs! Pick the size that’s right for you and take comfort in knowing that you are providing your dog with a place to potty- day or night, rain or shine!

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