Best Tips for Caring for Your Dog When Working Late

Friday, August 09, 2019 09:33:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

We all love our pets, and we would like to have quiet time to care for them. Nevertheless, this may not always be possible due to demanding schedules that may force us to work late. For younger pets, you can opt for a daycare where they will be well-taken care. Several solutions can help you care for your pet when you are away. There are affordable products that can allow your pets to eat, drink comfortably, let them use the bathroom, and also entertain them. Below are top solutions to care for your pets in the course of other activities:

1. Ensuring they can go to the potty by themselves

It is essential to ensure that your pet can relieve themselves even when you are not around, especially the senior pets that can’t hold it for long. There are several options of an indoor dog potty like the wee pad, fake grass, and DoggieLawn. If you have limited time and patience for potty training, several options can work for you. If you have a fenced yard, you can choose an electronic/ magnetic pet door that allows your pets to pee and also move freely. Training your dog to use potty when they feel the urge is essential. Thanks to indoor lawns like DoggieLawn, your dog can experience the doggie park inside. Your dog will be free from anxiety, and you will be able to concentrate and deliver at work. 

2. Keep them busy

Apart from handling your pet's basic needs, their physical and mental stimulation when you are away is also essential. You can buy unique toys that will keep your dogs entertained all day long, and while working late. There are treat toys, puzzle toys, and chew toys, each one of them with specific benefits to your pets. For instance, treat toys are a perfect way for soothing nervous animals, while highly intelligent ones can use puzzle toys for extra stimulation.

3. Reassure them and give them treats

It is common for humans and animals to become sad when left alone for long. One brilliant way to drive away boredom is the use of treat dispensers. Products in this category allow you to communicate to your pet through video and audio calls where you can reassure them on your availability and love. You can decide on a treatment schedule to frequently check on your pets and praise their good deeds. This helps soothe them from loneliness. Some smart treat-dispensing cameras add soothing scents, which can calm your nervous dog. Compare features to get a perfect treat dispenser for your pet.

4. Monitor their behavior

Apart from pet treat dispensers, you can install nanny cams to help you track your pet when you are away. Nanny cams can show you a range of positions where your fur baby moves and furthermore they are affordable and easy to install. You can connect these cams on your phone and effortlessly watch your pets regardless of where you are. If your dog plays in the real grass, relieves itself in the pet potty or does strange things when you’re not on your phone, it will be recorded, and you can watch later.

5. Train them to feed in your absence

You probably have a feeding schedule for your pet and working late may interrupt this. It is good that you plan for such uncertainties by investing in an auto feeder and waterer that will ensure it stays fed and hydrated when you aren’t around. Automated feeders come in a wide variety, with others giving you the option to connect on your phone through an app that allows you to feed it. Auto waterers also have different designs like watering fountains that encourage them to drink more for better hydration and digestion.


No pet owner is comfortable leaving their furry friends alone for long, but sometimes circumstances may force you. With proper planning and these tips, you can take great care of your dog even when you are far from home.