Frequently Asked Questions

At DoggieLawn, we believe that human and pet comfort should never be mutually exclusive. That's why we created the DoggieLawn - an innovative, natural indoor dog potty that pets and humans alike love. This dog potty grass is authentic grass with naturally-occurring microbes that break down dog urine, eliminating smells while providing a natural environment for your pup to do its business. DoggieLawn is easy to use, perfect for pets, and much better for the environment than artificial dog grass pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up

Doggielawn is all about making the lives of pet parents more convenient when it comes to potty time! In fact, the idea for Doggielawn was conceived by the founders when their own busy schedules made it difficult to come home and walk the dogs at the same time each day. The guilt of thinking about their poor, furry babies waiting to go potty led to them to create a useful, convenient and eco-friendly solution for dog owners everywhere!

You’ll find that Doggielawn is a perfect solution for:

  • housetraining a puppy
  • apartment residents that don’t have the luxury of a backyard
  • busy professionals that can’t always make it home at the same time
  • senior dogs with incontinence and/or arthritis
  • avoiding the late night walk in the cold/rain/snow
  • pet parents tired of the smell and maintenance from artificial grass
  • homeowners that want to have a dog run on the side of the house in order to protect their grassy backyard

Check out our YouTube page to see Doggielawn in action!

We offer four different size lawns for you to choose from!

  • Standard (24 x 16"): For dogs under 15lbs.
  • Medium (24 x 20"): For dogs up to 30lbs.
  • Large (24 x 24"): For dogs up to 50lbs.
  • XL (24 x 48"): For dogs 40lbs and over or multiple dogs.

Click HERE to find out more information on the different sizes we offer!
To see what you can expect with your first lawn delivery, check out our un-boxing videos HERE.

You can always give us a call for help determining the best plan for you and your furry friend. We make suggestions based on your dog’s general weight, age and anticipated frequency of use.


For young ones under a year old, we recommend the Standard or Medium Doggielawn. For bigger puppies, the ideal option is to either get the Large or XL Doggielawn or to put multiple of the smaller size lawns side by side to create a bigger surface area.

Frequency: Since young puppies tend to have smaller bladders, they will urinate more frequently than adults. So to make sure the grass is always fresh, we suggest a weekly cycle until they’re older, at which point you can switch to a biweekly schedule.


For adults under 50lbs, we recommend the Large or Medium Doggielawn. For bigger dogs, the ideal option is to either get the larger XL Doggielawn or to put multiple of the smaller size Doggielawns side by side to create a bigger surface area.

Frequency: We suggest a biweekly schedule if your dog is using the Doggielawn about 1-2 times a day. If they’re going more often than that, you may want to consider a weekly subscription. If you have more than one dog using the Doggielawn you may also want to consider a weekly schedule.


For senior dogs under 50lbs, we recommend the Large, Medium, or Standard Doggielawn. For bigger dogs, the ideal option is to either get the larger XL size or to put multiple of the smaller size Doggielawns side by side to create a bigger surface area.

Frequency: For older dogs with incontinence issues or difficulty walking, we highly suggest a weekly schedule due to the high frequency of use. Unfortunately, older dogs may not be able to hold their bladders or take walks like in their younger days, so we recommend the Doggielawn as a way for your dog to always have access to fresh grass for potty time.

Absolutely! To update your frequency, simply log in to your account and update your plan under the "My Subscriptions" section (in depth directions can be found here). You can also request we take care of the change for you by emailing us at

Great question! Select which subscription you’d like and sign up online!

When your DoggieLawn arrives, use the complimentary disposable gloves (which come with every new delivery) to unroll the grass onto your tray (if you've purchased one or have your own). Just remember to remove pet solids daily. When your next shipment arrives, put on the gloves to roll up the old grass, place it in a garbage bag and throw it away in the trash. Then unroll the new grass out onto your tray. Voila! A fresh pet potty, as simple as that.

Watch our un-boxing videos for help on how to set up your first Doggielawn once its delivered.

Dogs like to do their business on real grass. It’s that simple. They like the smell and feel of it because it’s natural! Often they will use it with little or no training. For fussy dogs, all it takes is a little positive reinforcement to get them to use it. Give them a treat when you see them use the lawn the first few times. They’ll be hooked and you’ll love the ease and simplicity of the system. Like all new routines, it does take some time, patience, and consistency to get your pooch fully used to their new grass potty, which is why we offer free consultations with our on-staff training experts. Just give us a ring to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts today!


Our original hydroponic grass typically ships out Monday - Wednesday (excluding weekends) each week. If you signed up before the cutoff time (midnight PST on Sunday) your first Doggielawn will ship out the same week you signed up. However, if you signed up after the cutoff time (midnight PST on Sunday), your first Doggielawn will ship out that week as long as inventory permits and we will send you an email IF your order is delayed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your shipment date.

Our local grass option only ships out Tuesday - Wednesday each week. If you sign up before the cutoff time (midnight PST on Sunday) your first Doggielawn will ship out the same week you signed up. However, if you signed up after the cutoff time (midnight PST on Sunday), your first Doggielawn will ship out that week as long as inventory permits and we will send you an email IF your order is delayed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your shipment date.

Absolutely! We’ll send you a tracking link each time your box is sent so you know exactly when to expect it; additionally, Fedex will also send you tracking confirmation via email. This email is sent out the week your Doggielawn ships (by Wednesday). You are also able to track your shipment through the Doggielawn customer portal under the "My Shipments" tab. Please make sure you check the progress of your order so you know exactly when your item is delivered and be able to contact your carrier if you have questions. Please note that sometimes our emails go to your spam folder- so check there if you haven't received your tracking email!

Doggielawn shipments are sent out using FedEx. Simply go to and enter in your tracking number to see the status of your shipment. To receive text updates on your Doggielawn shipment, sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager.

We do not require a signature and typically most FedEx drivers will leave your package at your door. However, there are times when the driver may NOT leave the package at your location if you are not home. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over this. However, if you've signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager, you can leave specific notes for the driver on where to leave your Doggielawn. This service is a free tool that FedEx offers.

If you'd like to change your delivery frequency or shipping address you can easily do so by logging into your account and navigating to the "My Subscriptions" page. For instructions on how to update your frequency click here. For instructions on how to update your shipping address click here. You can also email us at for help!

We ship via FedEx Home Delivery, a ground service which typically delivers packages within 1-5 business days of shipment. Please be sure to track your shipment and follow the progress of your order to ensure you open your shipment as soon as it is delivered since this is a perishable item.

We do not require a signature release; however, it’s ultimately up to the driver and whether they feel it’s safe to leave your package at your front door. If your driver leaves a notice requiring a signature we recommend leaving a friendly little note for your driver to always leave the grass, even when you’re not home (after all, who would want to steal a box of grass?). An even better option is to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager. With FedEx Delivery Manager you can customize your delivery and give instructions directly to the driver in your area such as “leave at front door.” If you have issues receiving packages at your home or office, FedEx also gives you the option to hold your packages at a different location for pick up! You can choose from a local FedEx store, Walgreens, Albertsons or Kroger location! Click HERE to find a location near you.

You’ll receive your Doggielawn like clockwork based on the frequency of your choosing. We typically ship your order out so that it arrives to you by or before Saturday. Every once in a while, issues can occur with shipping and/or product availability (due to weather conditions) and can delay the delivery of your order. Please note that we do our best to anticipate these situations in advance to prevent these issues from ever affecting you but do know that sometimes, slight delays can occur and are out of our control.

Absolutely. Simply log in to your account and navigate to: My Account > My Product Subscriptions. There, you will see when your next subscription order is set to process. You can click on the drop down menu that says "Snooze My Next Delivery" and choose a date that works with your schedule! OR you can email us at the Wednesday PRIOR to the week of your next shipment to let us know which dates you would like suspended and we’ll take care of your needs.

Once an order has processed we are unable to update the shipping address. You can find out if your order has processed by logging into your account (more information here). Or, you can email us to ask: If your order has not yet processed, you can update your shipping address by following the instructions HERE.

We’re so sorry to hear about that! Check with your leasing office and neighbors to see if it was delivered there. We also suggest contacting FedEx at 1-800-GoFedEx to have them contact the driver and see where they left your package.

If you're still not able to locate the shipment you can send us an email to WITHIN 48 hours of delivery* to report the incident and we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

* Delivered but missing items must be reported via email WITHIN 48 hours of delivery by the carrier. Track your order with FedEx HERE. Tracking numbers are automatically emailed out once FedEx scans your package at the time of pickup.

Send us an email to WITHIN 48 hours of delivery* along with a picture to report the incident and we will contact you as soon as possible to hopefully resolve the issue!

* Damaged product must be reported via email WITHIN 48 hours of delivery by the carrier and must be accompanied by a picture to allow us to file a claim. Track your order at Tracking numbers are emailed by end of day Wednesday the week your Doggielawn ships.


First time orders are billed for their initial shipment upon signup, and all subscriptions will renew automatically. Members will be billed the Thursday prior to their next scheduled shipment. For more information about your billing schedule, please email us at

You can cancel your subscription ANYTIME. Simply login to your DoggieLawn account and click the orange "Manage" button next to your subscription. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen you will see the cancellation button! You may also email us at with your reason for cancellation and we will process it as soon as possible.

NOTE: You will be charged for any grass that has been harvested for your subscription even if it has not yet been shipped because, once harvested the living grass' can only stay fresh for a finite time and can not be stored for use with another account. Your grass is harvested on your subscription process date. This date is clearly displayed under My Account>Manage Subscription>Change Next Delivery Date. To avoid being charged for any upcoming subscription shipment all we ask is that you cancel one business day BEFORE that upcoming subscription process date.

If you have paid for a shipment you no longer wish to receive and that has yet to be shipped, we are happy to try to intercept the shipment (depending on timing) and send your lawn to a friend, family member, or anyone else you think might want to give your Doggielawn a try!

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your next bill date or the cancellation process. If you do cancel we're sorry to see you go and would love to hear how we can earn back your business!


Unlike the sod you would find at a garden center, our grass provides a durable matting of roots and fertile soil. The structure under the grass is excellent at absorbing liquids (like urine) so if used as directed there’s no leaking and no odor (with normal use)! Like most grass you’ll find some sand or soil, but none of the messy, clay-like dirt.

We ship the hydroponic variety from the west coast. Recently we've added local alternative varieties for dog families that order the XL version and live in the central and eastern parts of the country. These varieties are not hydroponic but offer their own advantages. First, they're cheaper! We have to pay less to ship them to you and pass that savings to you. Second, they're better for the planet because they use less fuel to get to you. Finally, they work just as well as the hydroponic variety and your dog can't tell the difference.

With water, light and no dogs present our grass can survive indefinitely under normal conditions. Even if the grass arrives a little "shocked" by shipping in the summer it can easily come back if provided a good environment. Frequency of use by your dog contributes to a shortened life span. Under normal use, with a single dog, we expect the grass to last anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Your individual results vary depending on how heavily it’s used (i.e. frequency of use each day, number of dogs using it, amount of urine, etc). Contrary to popular belief, the color of the grass is not important to your dog. Remember, on a walk your dog will pee on green grass, yellow grass, a pole, a curb, a patch of dirt, etc. If you're concerned the grass is not perfectly green, just remember your dog is color-blind ;)

We suggest you only water the Doggielawn as needed because most dogs don't like walking on wet grass! If your dog does not mind or you live in a hotter climate, a little watering will extend the life of the lawn. But please keep in mind (and this is VERY important) that should the grass die for ANY reason your dog will still use it! Only humans care about the grass' color and your dog will continue to use the grass when the color turns and as long as the Doggielawn is not moist and is free of poop!

Yes! We offer free training support to those with stubborn fur babies. We understand that sometimes a dog may be used to a certain routine and training them to go in a new spot may be difficult. This is especially challenging if a dog has been told their entire life NOT to go potty inside the house! So a little patience, understanding and help from us is all you need to teach your dog that it's perfectly okay to go potty inside the house.... but only on the Doggielawn. :-) Give us a call or email to set up an appointment.

For a couple different reasons. Despite the claims of manufacturers, dog’s will not instinctively use synthetic grass unless it is sprayed with a chemical urine substitute. The chemicals are harsh and your dog is exposed to them with each use. The Doggielawn experience could not be more different. Dogs use the grass instinctively, often without training, because of the real grass and earth odors. Furthermore, there are no harsh chemicals of any kind present in the grass.

It’s also less work! Synthetic grass systems, have drip trays and catch basins that fill with pet urine. You must empty and wash them regularly to get rid of the bacteria and odor. Who wants to do that?

With Doggielawn, urine is absorbed by the grass and broken down by the natural and harmless microbes found in grass. You must remove solids just like you would on a walk or with a synthetic system. Under normal use, the grass will eventually saturate and need to be thrown away after 1-2 weeks (varies by frequency of use and size and number of dogs). And, of course Doggielawn is MUCH better for the environment!

Artificial grass emits VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), basically chemical fumes, which are not only bad for the environment but for humans and dogs as well. Secondly, the carbon footprint for manufacturing artificial grass is extremely high – it is a very energy intensive process during which greenhouse gases are emitted. Although some have accused natural grass of also producing greenhouse gasses, research conducted by Berkeley’s Laboratory for Manufacturing and Sustainability has found that artificial turf releases more greenhouse gases in its production, transportation and processing than the production and maintenance of natural turf.

Yes! It's absolutely normal, remember it's REAL grass which is why your dog will LOVE it. However, we understand that an earthy smell can be a little too much Mother Nature for some. If so, we highly recommend our Odor Remover Spray (available upon checkout or by email). This spray is perfectly safe for dogs and our grass!

Yes! Click Here to submit a request or just send an email to to receive more details.

If you keep your grass on a balcony or outdoors, we definitely recommend covering the grass while it rains or moving it inside.

Our grass is designed to absorb liquid from your pet and to prevent you from having to do any dirty clean up work. In order for your grass to continue doing its job, we recommend your Doggielawn stay out of the rain to keep it from being over saturated. Plus, those pups prefer their grass squish-free. Your grass will love you and so will your dog!

Spritz the grass with the pheromone spray before your first training session. The pheromone spray is safe when used as directed- it is not for consumption. 

Every once in a while you may encounter a little critter. This is because our grass is a real, living plant that is grown outdoors on a sod farm. This may generally happen more often during the spring and summer season. If you do see a bug we recommend spraying your grass with an organic solution (put a few drops of dish-washing soap, neem oil or peppermint with water).

We at Doggielawn do not spray any chemicals or use fertilizers on the grass! It is a living plant product grown on a farm, however, that may rarely and on occasion spray if necessary. We are committed to being as green, and clean as possible!

For those playful pups, the grass is a new novelty that gets their curiosity going, which sometimes results in digging and chewing. We suggest that you supervise your dog when using the Doggielawn to continually reinforce positive behavior AND immediately put a stop to any undesired behavior like digging, chewing and snoozing! After a little while, your dog will get the hint and stop digging. We also recommend aviary netting and zip ties as another option to get your dog to stop chewing or digging up the grass until they get trained on how to use it. For more information and helpful tips, please email us at!

Contact Your Indoor Dog Potty Experts

We hope you've found this page about our pooch potty informative, but if you still have questions, we're always happy to help. Feel free to give us a call at 310-853-8997 and learn more about how this dog grass pad works, or reach out to us at our contact page with any questions. We can't wait to hear from you, and we're excited to help you and your dog get his very own backyard!

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