Why do (some) dogs eat grass?

Friday, November 22, 2019 12:48:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dogs have very different apetites compared to us. Even if you feed them a well-balanced diet, a lot of dogs will still eat grass regularly. Afterall, dogs love all things stinky, including grass! 

There are many reasons why dogs eat grass, and most of the time eating grass is harmless for your dog. However, some grasses are treated with chemicals that are dangerous to your dog's health, so you should always keep a close eye on what grass your dog is eating.

Why do dogs eat grass?

The reasons why dogs eat grass vary from psychological and physical factors to plain instinct. If your dog loves to eat grass, one of these four theories might explain why.

1.    Grass can help an upset stomach

When a dog has a gassy or upset stomach, grass may help. For example, when grass is eaten, the blades can irritate the throat and stomach lining. This helps dogs vomit and get any irritants out of their system. Grasses also are a great source of digestive enzymes, which helps dogs break down their food and absorb all of the nutrients.

2.    Treating intestinal worms

Dogs eat grass to increase intestinal motility which helps them get rid of intestinal parasites. Eating grass is a natural method of de-worming. For instance, if grass blades are sharp enough, they can cause the worms to break into pieces and be excreted when your dog goes to the bathroom. However, If your dog does not normally eat grass and then starts to, it may be a good idea to take them to the vet and see if they have worms, in order to help the process of getting rid of them.

3.    Nutritional needs

Sometimes dogs eat grass due to lack of fiber. Grass is a great source of roughage which has nutritional value to dogs. However, dogs do not only eat grass because they are under-fed. They could be seeking out selective grasses to get the nutritional components that they are missing.

4.    They enjoy doing it

Most dogs like the taste of grass and see it as a fun and rewarding behavior. Some eat grass because they love the grass texture. For instance, you will see your dog selectively picking out specific grasses. They will choose the grass they want and use their front teeth to chew and eat. Your dog may look frantic when they do this, but they're doing it intentionally and selecting a few blades of grass at a time.


Dogs eating grass isn’t usually a problem. But, keep an eye on the type of grass your dog eats. Most dogs eat grass from time to time, and there’s nothing to worry about if you know they are eating uncontaminated, fresh grass.

Your dog will eat grass to relieve stomach discomfort or help indigestion. The real grass will provide some fiber and roughage that speed up digestion.

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