Dogs on Diuretics: 3 Useful Products to Give Them Relief

Monday, November 18, 2019 03:17:53 PM America/Los_Angeles

When a dog is taking diuretics that make them have to "go" more, it's no wonder they often times can't hold it in as long as we'd prefer. 

Since we can't always predict when they have to urinate while on diuretics, it's great that there are solutions that can help your pup understand where to go whenever they need a pee break. It's wise to be prepared should an unforseen inside accident present itself. Furthermore, if you live in an apartment and can't get to a patch of fresh grass quickly enough, there are other options.

Several companies have created solutions for dogs to take their potty breaks as needed. Let's explore the various products created to solve your pup's potty dilemma. First off, each one does require some indoor potty training since most dogs are used to relieving themselves in an open air setting. It's a great idea to start indoor potty training as soon as possible if your pup is new to taking diuretics and unsure of what to do if they have to go potty inside.

Potty Break Solutions

A trained dog typically lets you know when they need to go potty. However, when your not home or awake to let them outside, it's important that they have a spot indoors where they can do their business. Here are three popular ways to give your pup that potty break:

  1. Fresh grass patches - The outdoors comes inside! Offering a patch of fresh grass that gives your pup the feeling of taking a pee break outside is a bonus. These patches usually require little to no training, since dogs are already used to pottying on real grass. The bottom part of the grass is lined with a protective rubber or other coating that doesn't allow seepage onto your floor or carpets. Most companies also offer a tray for the grass to sit in for added protection. DoggieLawn is one company that offers this solution and they even make a donation to a pet shelter for every new customer!
  2. Wee wee pads - Every pet store carries these for those moments when your dog has to go now! They are made of absorbent fabric that stretches across the floor wherever you place it. Wee wee pads come in all different sizes based on your needs. However for larger dogs, it's standard to place two or three wee wee pads together in several areas of your home after you've given them a healthy dose of potty training
  3. Fake grass pads - There's a theory that dogs can see certain colors, and the primary color they've been noted to see rather vividly is green. Whether their affinity for grass--eating and peeing on it--aligns with this research is still debatable, yet placing a fake grass pad in your home allows your pup to relieve themselves when the diuretic is truly working throughout their systems. Fake grass does need to be cleaned periodically. Be sure to use soap and water or a non-toxic spray to keep your dog safe if they chew on the grass.

Peace of Mind

We owe it to our wonderful pups to offer them an indoor potty solution when they need it, especially if they have to go more frequently than we can let them out because of diuretics.

If you're at work all day, or find yourself in a circumstance where you're unable to rush home and let your pup outside, or you're in a living situation that doesn't lend itself to a yard, each of the above cures will help their potty problems and gives you and your dog peace of mind.