Is Real Grass Worth It?

Friday, January 10, 2020 09:06:26 AM America/Los_Angeles

It’s great to be able to take your dog on a nice long walk outside where there is lots of room for them to play, run, and use the potty in real grass-- but when you live in an urban jungle without a backyard or nearby park, it can be hard to make sure your pup gets the chance to go in a natural setting where they feel comfortable. 

No matter if you’re on the east or west coast, all busy dog parents seek an indoor dog potty solution. At first glance, there seem to be a number of solutions on the market, but are they worth it? 

You might be convinced to try pee pads. Sure, they’re an inexpensive option, but the cleanup that comes with them makes the investment more costly than they’re worth. Why invest in a product that could cause staining to your floor, make your home smell constantly, and generate non-recyclable waste? Not to mention that pee pads make potty training puppies a tough task because they not only need to be changed constantly, but they feel and smell so unnaturally to your puppy that they may prefer to potty somewhere else, anyway. Believe us, you won’t like the other place they choose! You’ll have to keep purchasing these potty pads as they are usually only good for one use, and it will cost you more and more over time. 

So, why not try fake grass, you ask. It seems like it might be a more viable indoor potty for dogs, right? It looks and feels more natural than dog potty pads, but it suffers from many of the same problems. The unnatural smell will alert your dog right away to the true identity of this faux grass, and the smell of urine will penetrate and remain permanently- no matter how many times you clean it. This not only makes fake grass an unappealing option for housebreaking your pup, but a time consuming chore to clean. 

Dog Sitting on Finally, we come to the crux of the matter. Real grass! Is it worth it? A patch of fresh grass really is the best option for an indoor dog potty. You may be thinking; well, isn’t grass pretty expensive? That might be true for our competitors, but not for DoggieLawn

Our standard lawn option is less expensive than the grass patches sold at other lawn companies. Natural grass neutralizes poignant odors and will keep your home smelling fresh and clean! DoggieLawn offers a low maintenance pet potty option that will last you weeks, not hours and comes with no pesky, time-consuming clean up. As an added bonus, our DoggieLawns are biodegradable and great for the planet, so you can kiss fake grass and wee wee pads good-bye! 

Your pup will be excited to use DoggieLawn because it feels and smells just like going for a walk outside. We offer a pet potty solution that is not only great for your wallet and great for your dog, but great for the planet, too. 

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash