5 Reasons to Use an Indoor Dog Potty

Friday, January 17, 2020 04:14:50 PM America/Los_Angeles

Even though it's always great exercise and enrichment for your dog to take a walk/potty break outside, there are some situations where dog owners might be hesitant to bring their fur babies outside. In these circumstances it can be incredibly helpful to have an indoor potty spot for your dog. Here are 5 reasons that you might want to consider an indoor pet potty for your pooch.

Unpredictably Tempered Dogs

If you don’t know how your dog is going to react to seeing an unfamiliar individual or a strange pet on any given day, it might be a good enough reason for you to invest in an indoor dog potty solution. We advise this especially if you live in a populated area where there is rarely a stretch of green without a person or another person’s dog or cat in sight. Using an indoor fresh grass pet potty like DoggieLawn will save you the guilt and potential costly legal proceedings that might follow the potentially dangerous encounters.

Sick Pups

If your dog gets sick and has to potty (or puke) more times than you can physically walk them outside, it’s a good idea to invest in DoggieLawn to keep your house clean and your pet properly relieved whenever they need to go. Read more about illnesses that might affect how your dog potties.

Dogs on DoggieLawnDogs with Separation Anxiety

Leaving your dog with separation anxiety inside alone for long periods of time can be a serious problem. One of the many ways separation anxiety can manifest itself in your pet is when your hapless pup leaves little brown and yellow presents for you all over the floor in your absence. An indoor pet bathroom is the perfect option for dog owners with anxious pets; that little piece of the outdoors will remind them that there is a safe place for them to potty- but also a place to scratch and paw at if they’re feeling anxious.

Your Dog Hates Loud Noises

If you know that your dog scares easily and won’t go outside when fireworks are going off, or if a thunderstorm is raging, it might be a good idea to invest in an indoor dog potty where your pup can go where they feel safe. This is especially good in bad weather situations where, not only is it loud, but it also isn’t safe for you to walk your dog outside anyway. Pee pads are great options for temporary situations like this!

None of the Other Indoor Dog Potty Solutions Have Worked

Wee wee pads can be messy and expensive over time. Fake grass is smelly and comes with a lot of upkeep. Sod is expensive; so what now? Whether you’re housebreaking a puppy or curtailing the anxious destructive habits of your dog, DoggieLawn is a great long-term indoor dog potty solution!

Photo by @finleyandpiper