DoggieLawn Explores: Dogs and Dining Table Manners

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 12:36:28 PM America/Los_Angeles

A change to a law in New York could give doggies a chance to feast with us at a restaurant’s outdoor or patio set-up, according to CBS New York.

So what does this mean for our dog owners in the Big Apple? A chance to show off your pooches’ polite dining table skills! DoggieLawn Explores: Dogs and Dining Table Manners

But what about those of us whose dogs beg and pounce at our meals during dinner? It’s this type of behavior that encourages us to leave our pooches at home, and far from a café! If this behavior rings true, read on to learn how to keep your dog at bay!

1) Schedule dinnertime together! While it’s easy to simply leave a bowl of food out for your dog to munch from throughout the day, Iams suggests coordinating your meals together. This will reduce temptation on your dog’s part. Rather than whining for a bite of your own food, your pooch will ideally be glued to his own bowl!

2) No dogs at the dinner table! For those of us serious about keeping Fido off the table, simply keep him from the kitchen all together! recommends training your dog on the Stay and Down command. Place your pooch away from the table and instruct them to “Stay” and “down.” Should your dog make his way towards the table, the website encourages you to physically guide him back away from the table and go through the routine once again. If your pooch is adamant, then you may take him out of the kitchen. This practice will keep your dog close to the family, before completely removing them out of the room altogether.

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