From Fear to Freedom: How DoggieLawn Freed Rocky from a Life of Fear, Anxiety, and Trauma

Updated On: Tuesday, October 3, 2023 10:36:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

Imagine a life where every step outside fills you with fear, where even the simplest of activities become harrowing ordeals. That was the reality for Rocky, a terrified German Shepard pup who trembled at the mere thought of having to go outside. Rocky and his owner, Eve, were brutally attacked during a walk near their home in Nashville when an off-leash dog latched onto Rocky's neck, and Eve had to be sent to the ER. Eve decided that she had to make a change for her and Rcoky's sake. Now she and Rocky are living in New York and Rocky now uses DoggieLawn when he needs to go outside! When we came across the TikTok that Eve made about her and Rocky's story, we knew we needed to share it! We are so grateful that Eve agreed to do an interview with us and to share her and Rocky's story. This is the story of Rocky and Eve. 

Photos by Eve

Nicole: Can you start by telling us a bit about Rocky and the situation that led you to use our product?

Eve: So, Rocky was a happy-go-lucky and social dog when he was a puppy, friendly to both people and dogs, frequenting dog parks and loving life. But he has always been a very sensitive soul, a little shy rather than brave. Fast-forward a couple of years, and he had a handful of off-leash dogs charging at him while on walks, which already made him cautious of other dogs in the distance. Fast-forward another year, and not only did off-leash charges continue despite us switching cities and even states from Alabama to Tennessee, but now he also got attacked by one of our neighbor's dogs (off-leash again, while Rocky was leashed, in the hallway of our apartment complex of all places). The dog grabbed Rocky by the throat and didn't let go for several seconds. Luckily, Rocky got off physically unharmed, but he was traumatized beyond measure

Nicole: What were the initial signs or symptoms that something was wrong with Rocky, and how did you feel when you noticed them?

Eve: After the physical attack by our neighbor's dog, Rocky was put on "doggy Prozac," but he would still shake every time we had to go outside, not wanting to leave the apartment, and sometimes even shaking inside the apartment when he heard dogs outside. We ended up moving to Manhattan, New York, which changed a lot for us, both for better and worse. All of a sudden, all the dogs around us were well-behaved and always leashed up, which eased Rocky's anxiety. However, now he had a ton of wheels around him in the form of cars, electric scooters (his arch nemesis), and bikes. We walked Rocky four times a day, but after a couple of months, he started shaking increasingly in the elevator anticipating his walk and eventually began refusing to even leave the apartment. This resulted in us having to push him to the hallway so we could take him to do his business.

Nicole: How did you discover our product, and what made you decide to try it as a solution for Rocky's issue?

Eve: Experiencing the heartbreak of watching my dog shake and refuse to go outside, I recalled seeing DoggieLawn ads on TikTok while preparing for our move to New York. We reside on the top floor of a 6-floor pre-war building and have immediate access to a rooftop that appears to be unused by other residents. I thought, "Why not?" and decided to give it a try by ordering a lawn for the rooftop to see if Rocky could learn to use it instead, and thereby become less afraid of the outdoors.

Nicole: Can you describe the overall impact our product had on Rocky's health and well-being? How did Rocky's life change after using it?

Eve: DoggieLawn has completely turned Rocky's life around, as well as ours! Rocky now primarily uses DoggieLawn as his bathroom, and there is absolutely no stress in his life anymore. Quite rapidly, we were able to discontinue his use of doggy Prozac, and we haven't looked back since! Rocky is so content and relaxed that he even started gaining weight for the first time in his life (happy pounds – something we can all relate to, I'm sure!), and we had to switch him to a diet kibble, haha. Now, when we go on walks, he's much more at ease because there's no pre-existing stress leading up to it. All in all, he's one very happy little pup!

Nicole: Were there any unexpected benefits or positive outcomes from using our product that you didn't anticipate?

Eve: I truly didn't expect Rocky's spirits and stress levels to improve as much as they did, and so quickly too! I also appreciate that we can easily take Rocky outside to pee and poop even once an hour if necessary or in the middle of the night since it's essentially "backyard access" at home and requires zero effort. It also works wonderfully when his tummy is upset because the DoggieLawn is right there, and we don't have to worry about making it to the park or him making a mess on the streets. It's our lawn, and whatever mess occurs, it won't inconvenience other people in public! Additionally, as a woman, I no longer have to be concerned about my safety while walking the streets with my dog late at night, as we can now just use the rooftop and take care of it at home. It has also eliminated my stress!

Nicole: How would you compare Rocky's quality of life before and after using our product?

Eve: Before DoggieLawn, his quality of life plummeted four times a day every time it was time to go to the bathroom. He was content at home, but he absolutely loathed going outside. Now, he is consistently happy! He doesn't even experience stress anymore. In a way, yes, he's a bit like a house cat because he ventures out into the real world less than before. However, considering his personality and past trauma, it's the best thing that could have happened to him. Well, I suppose we could also live on an isolated farm somewhere with no neighbors or wheeled objects in sight. But until that becomes a reality, DoggieLawn to the rescue!

Nicole: Can you share any memorable moments or experiences with Rocky after using our product that stands out to you?

Eve: His first pee on the lawn felt like we had won the lottery, and we celebrated just like that! Initially, getting him used to the lawn took a lot of persistence, and he stubbornly held his pee for 14-16 hours, if I recall correctly. I was tempted to take him to the park out of sympathy, but I'm glad I didn't because look at him now! After that first pee, the rest followed, and he learned that this is his new bathroom. Shortly afterward, he even fell in love with the concept!

Nicole: In your own words, what would you say to someone who is considering using our product for their dog's health issue?

Eve: You owe it to yourself and your dog to give it a try. The worst that can happen is a one-time monetary purchase. And please, don't give up on your dog while training them on it - the first day is the toughest, but stay determined, and it WILL pay off, benefiting both of you! As long as you have any place to set up the lawn, even indoors if necessary, then you're good to go. However, if possible, try to get creative - we placed ours on the rooftop of our Manhattan apartment, and everything has been working wonderfully for over a year!

Nicole: Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience with our product and how it impacted Rocky's life?

Eve: I'm honestly so grateful for the product; that's all I wanted to say. It has single-handedly transformed Rocky's life, and ours along with it. We tried numerous training methods, medications, expanding his comfort zone, neutralization techniques, repetition, and various tools, but he just wasn't improving his experience at all. But now, even when we do go on walks, he's so much more relaxed because his entire body hasn't been under stress every day for months or even years. It's simply an amazing product and invention, and I will always recommend it to anyone and everyone in need of something like this!

You can watch Eve's emotional TikTok here and make sure to follow Rocky on Instagram too!


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