Is Your Pup Spooked? Tips for Dealing with the Halloween Scaries

Updated On: Monday, September 20, 2021 12:08:32 PM America/Los_Angeles

Halloween can be an exciting time filled with spooky costumes and thrilling events. While this American holiday can be a fun time for humans, for some dogs, Halloween can seem like all tricks and no treats. Prepare for the Halloween scaries to make sure the holiday doesn’t get too scary for your fur baby. 

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Why is Halloween scary for dogs?

  • Loud noises: Uncommon noises such as loud trick-or-treaters or nearby parties can be unsettling for sensitive dogs. 
  • New people or environments: Whether it’s hosting a Halloween party at home or going to someone else’s costume party, even friendly faces can look entirely different in a Frankenstein get-up! A doggie costume party might sound insta-worthy to you, but it can be downright horrifying for sensitive pups. 
  • Changes to familiar places and people: During the holidays, environments can drastically change. Decorations, including season scents, can alter dogs’ surroundings. Canines use their strong sense of smell for getting acquainted with people and places, and having new smells can be disorienting. 

What can be done?

  • Use natural supplements and tools to help ease anxiety: Utilizing calming treats with an interactive toy can kill two birds with one stone by feeding treats that ease anxiety and providing a healthy outlet for any anxious behaviors. 
  • Have a pee pad ready: Having an indoor dog potty for Halloween night might be a good idea if the holiday has your pup spooked. A real grass dog bathroom like DoggieLawn will provide a safe and secure place to potty instead of having to go outdoors. 
  • Minimize interior changes: This doesn’t mean you have to ditch your entire Halloween decor! But if your dog has a strong case of the Halloween scaries, save it for outside the house. No one  wants their favorite lounging spot to be displaced by a giant pumpkin or skeleton. And even though Halloween might be your favorite time to light that pumpkin spice latte candle, consider how strong smells might not only disturb your dog’s sense of home, but also mask her ability to smell unfamiliar people. Instead, consider baking a pumpkin pie, which has an equally yummy scent but may be more comforting and palatable for your pup.  
  • Utilize white noise: If you’re not participating in the Halloween festivities, but there’s a lot of commotion outside your home, having the radio or TV can offer a simple way to cover up distracting noises. 
Just because Halloween has your dog spooked doesn’t mean both of you have to miss out on the fun! Dog-friendly goodies are a fantastic way for you to celebrate and for your fur baby to develop positive associations with this time of the year. A little bit of planning goes a long way in making sure that Howl-loween is enjoyable for everyone.
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