The Faux Pas of Fake Grass - Why Real Grass is Better for your Dog

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 06:01:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

Walnut a brown chihuahua on a DoggieLawn

Accidents happen, pet owners are particularly experienced in this realm of life, especially owners of a young puppy. Puppy parents are generally resigned to purchasing endless rolls of paper towel and cleaning supplies and hoping for the best.

While you’re busy cleaning up pet accidents you don’t want to be complicating matters by making your own faux pas at the pet store and choosing the wrong pet potty product.

There are sprays, trays, patches, pads and endless other solutions to your potty training needs but DoggieLawn has the best solution for you and your dog - real fresh grass.

DoggieLawn is specially formulated, hydroponically grown and exactly what it sounds like - your dog’s backyard in a box. The best part is, the real-life grass is provided and replaced on a schedule frequency of your choice.

There are so many benefits to real grass and DoggieLawn makes it easier (and cleaner) than ever to provide your dog a premier potty experience.  Here are the top five reasons why the DoggieLawn is the perfect solution for your dog:

  • A classic solution: Grass is most dogs first choice for potty, so enforcing their natural desire to go on grass makes the potty training process easier for everyone.
  • A clean solution: Unlike synthetic grass pads, DoggieLawn provides real hydroponically grown grass for your dog without the need for messy drainage trays and complicated cleaning processes. With four plans to choose from you can customize your fresh grass exchange to optimize cleanliness.
  • A solution for every size: We often think potty solutions are only for small dogs, but what about large breed dogs? There are many large breed dogs who could also benefit from DoggieLawn. Dogs with mobility issues or parents who live in Condos, Apartments and Townhouses and don’t have easily accessible “relief” spots can be troublesome for everyone. With large breed DoggieLawn the larger patch of grass is fit to accommodate dogs 25 lbs and up.
  • An environmentally friendly solution: Disposable potty products such as puppy pads can cause a burden on the environment by the overuse and improper disposal. Puppy pads are made to be disposable for your convenience but think of all that paper and plastic accumulating in your trash can over the lifespan of your dog.
  • An easily traveled solution: Our specially formulated soil less grass means you can easily transport your pups potty with you wherever you go. Lighter than standard sod and created without soil you won’t have to worry about taking a mess with you if you and your pup hit the road. The Doggielawn is easily moveable and great for holiday visits with family, hotel stays and even doggie play dates.

Check out our website to learn more about our grass, our replacement plans and to read testimonials from happy customers.

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