DoggieLawn Explores: Bundle Up For Winter!

Thursday, January 08, 2015 01:55:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

Winter is here, so it’s time to bundle up your furry friend! It’s easy to assume that our doggies can easily withstand chilly temperatures as they have a coat, but think about it – if humans have a hard time facing the cold without a thick coat, some of our dogs surely take issue with it as well! So don’t be afraid to break out your dog’s sweater if you’re stepping out in the snow! Just remember, some dogs can do without the winter staple. Read on to learn more. DoggieLawn Explores: Bundle Up For Winter!

1) When to use a sweater – Not every outing calls for a coat. As Vetstreet points out, if you and your furry friend will be heading out into chilly temperatures for an energetic walk, a sweater can be left at home. Same can be said for a quick bathroom break outside.

2) When to break out the sweater – However, take note of the weather – if it’s snowing or the road is soaked with puddles, it’s high time to bundle up your dog. Dogs such as Siberian Huskies are of course built for the snowy weather, so it’s not necessary to get a sweater for this particularly furry friend. In fact, to bundle up a Husky or a Malamute could potentially lead to overheating and discomfort, according to PetMd. Short haired dogs, meanwhile, such as Chihuahuas will benefit from an appropriately sized jacket.

3) Picking the perfect sweater – As PetMd points out, ensure there is plenty of free space around the arms and neck for proper movement. The website also strongly discourages the use of purchasing any pants for your dog. Also, consider what type of weather your dog will be encountering, as windbreakers would be great for rain, and fleece for the cold, pointed out by WikiHow.

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