Your Springtime Guide to Shopping for Your Dog

Updated On: Friday, March 11, 2022 09:23:34 AM America/Los_Angeles

Is your dog ready to get back outdoors and bask in some glorious sunshine? While your pup may be raring to go, there are precautions to take and boxes to tick before heading for the great outdoors. Think of spring prep like spring cleaning–it’s a fresh start that gets you and your furry one primed to enjoy the sunnier months of the year! Here, we recommend springtime essentials that will get you all set up for the spring. 

Photo by Ana Minella

Pest Repellant

Flea and tick medication is a given for the spring and summer, but that alone won’t keep those pesky pests out of the home. Dogs and even humans can bring pests indoors. Purchase a pet-safe, multi-purpose pest repellent you can use on both your dog and household goods to keep your home pest-free. 

Dog Tag

Even dog tags can age over time. Before heading out more frequently, check your fur baby’s tag to make sure all information is legible and that it will stay on securely. If not, it may be time to replace the old tag. It’s important that a dog’s identification will actually serve its purpose when out and about.  

Sturdy Harness and Leash

It may have been a minute since the last time you and your dog have hit the trails. Meanwhile, last season’s harness and leash may not be as sturdy as you remember. Plus, elements like mud and salt may have deteriorated fibers over the winter, which could weaken a leash’s cords. 

Real Grass Pet Potty

A natural pee pad like DoggieLawn can be helpful during the less pleasant days of spring. Though spring may bring sunnier days, it also brings its share of rain. Avoid muddy paws (and a muddy floor) by using an indoor dog bathroom! 

Deshedding Dog Brush

With spring comes the dreaded shedding season, when your entire home gets a lovely dusting of dog fur. While some dogs will shed some of their fur and others will blow their entire coat, all dogs will shed more during this time of the year. Use a deshedding brush regularly to help maintain the inevitable furry mess. Brushing outside is highly recommended when possible!  

Itch Relief Grooming Products

Just like humans, dogs can also experience heightened allergies during the spring. Seasonal changes combined with increased outings means that dog fur works like an allergen magnet. Prevent irritated skin by using itch relief shampoo or spray to keep reactions to a minimum. 

Nourishing Treats

Keep the party going with nourishing treats to replenish your pooch’s energy! Natural snacks like banana chips provide a healthy and tasty boost of energy before, during, or after an energetic romp outdoors. 

Pet-safe Laundry Booster

After all the fun you and your doggo will be having, there’s bound to be some amount of mess. Whether it’s a muddied crate pad or dampened bedding, using a pet-friendly laundry booster helps keep your home and your fur baby as fresh as the first day of spring!