Your Guide to Potty Training Your New Puppy

Updated On: Thursday, October 1, 2020 13:22:50 PM America/Los_Angeles


Potty training your puppy is one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do with your pup. It takes time, discipline, and persistence. We at DoggieLawn know that every dog is different, but there are some important things that tend to remain the same- whether your pup is a chihuahua or a great dane. 

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk


  • Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Your Puppy’s Cues
  • If you notice that your puppy suddenly starts sniffing the floor and begins to meander away or quickly loses interest in something they’ve been otherwise enraptured with, it’s probably an indicator that they might need to potty. Once you see this cue, you should leash them up and take them outside for a bathroom break, or immediately take them over to the DoggieLawn.

  • Classically Condition Your Pup to Use the Restroom
  • Another great housebreaking tip is using classical conditioning. This means that you should help them associate some trigger with going out on a walk so that they come to the door or DoggieLawn involuntarily with the need to potty. You can make a show of excitedly asking your puppy if they want to go outside while moving towards the leash which should be placed in the same spot every time so that they come to associate that place with a precursor for a walk. You can also establish a potty phrase like "Go Potty!" while placing your puppy on the DoggieLawn. When your goes potty, reward them with love and treats. In time, your puppy will certainly associate your actions and body language with going potty.

  • Take your puppy on frequent walks outside  
  • Your puppy is a baby; and that means they have tiny bladders and little control over them. Until they are mature enough to hold it for longer periods of time, you will have to walk them the first thing in the morning, right after every meal, directly before bedtime, and right before they are left alone for any amount of time. Many advise taking them out every 30 minutes or once an hour.

  • Establish an Approved Potty Space Through Repetition
  • Take your puppy to the same spot every time they go out to potty, or always keep the DoggieLawn in the same spot. Over time, your furbaby will associate that approved potty space with the place they need to go to relieve themselves. 

  • Take Away Food and Water Between Meals
  • This will help you manage how many times you walk your puppy every day until they get better at controlling their bladder. Your puppy may want to inhale half of the puppy food bag, but they’ll thank you when they’re not spending most of their time potty training.

  • Treat Them!
  • Once your puppy is done using the bathroom in the approved space, you should definitely give them a treat for good behavior! Rewarding good behavior is always a great training tactic.

  • Ensure to Have an Indoor Emergency Potty 
  • Even if you are dedicated to outdoor potty training, accidents happen- but you can mitigate them by investing in a multi-use indoor pet potty like DoggieLawn. Because your puppy might not always be able to wait until you’re ready to walk them, our indoor dog grass is a great option- not only for your puppy, but for your home. Not only will our fresh, real grass option keep your house clean and free from the icky pee and poo smells, but it’s a great tool to reinforce the fact that your puppy should only be pottying in approved spaces that look like the approved potty space in your backyard or local park!