Yellow Dog Project

Tuesday, December 09, 2014 02:58:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

Many of us have been guilty of petting a stranger’s adorable pet pooch without permission. And while the chance of encountering a hostile dog exists, little can stop us from reaching out to a precious dog! Yet for owners of timid, anxious, service, and even aggressive dogs, it can be difficult to communicate to excited an passerby to approach with caution, if at all. Yellow Dog Project

Enter The Yellow Dog Project, an incredible worldwide movement that encourages owners of anxious, timid, hyper, or aggressive dogs to tie a sunny bow around their furry friend’s leash. The ribbon serves as a reminder to approach and pet your pooch only after receiving permission.

So rather than risking your timid dog’s mental health, accessorize their leash with a yellow ribbon! In addition to hyper and anxious dogs, the Yellow Dog Project is a great way to keep elderly canines at ease. Should your older dog go out for a walk, a yellow ribbon will keep weary pooches from facing unnecessary and unwanted attention.

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