Why Dog Pawrents Swear by DoggieLawn

Updated On: Tuesday, February 14, 2023 15:23:38 PM America/Los_Angeles

DoggieLawn has been a fan favorite for dog lovers who want to give their fur babies a pet potty that goes above and beyond. If you’re wondering whether or not DoggieLawn is the best pee pad for your pup, read on to see the benefits of a real grass pet potty!

Convenient for Busy Dog Pawrents

Working pawrents aren’t always able to let their fur balls out during the day. Using an indoor dog bathroom keeps worries at bay by providing an accessible pet potty for your canine companion. Rain or shine, DoggieLawn offers a patch of real grass for your fur ball to use as a potty. The wee wee pads can be bought one at a time or scheduled for the occasional out-of-town trip when you won’t be home. Dog owners can even subscribe to DoggieLawn to get a real grass pee pad delivered regularly right to their doorstep! 

Eco-Friendly Pet Potty

Dog pawrents love DoggieLawn because it’s not only good for their pups but for the environment, too! One of the biggest upsides of natural pee pads is that they’re a much more earth-friendly option than traditional plastic pads. DoggieLawns are made with hydroponic grass, which is both biodegradable and compostable. Simply lift the grass out of the tray and toss it into a green or compost bin for easy and eco-friendly disposal! 

Indoor Access to Real Grass

Using DoggieLawn means that your pup can have access to fresh grass whether you’re there to let them out or not. This can be especially beneficial for dogs who stay indoors throughout the day. In addition, doggos who are struggling with an illness or recovering from a procedure can still get a taste of the great outdoors in the comfort of their own home. 

Long-Lasting and Cost Effective

It may be time for a change if you’re getting tired of replacing plastic pee pads day and night or feeling guilty about the amount of plastic you’re going through. Forget about trashing disposable pads with a long-lasting pet potty like DoggieLawn. How long a real grass pee pad lasts depends on a number of factors such as how many dogs are using it and how frequently. But what’s clear is that they last much longer (anywhere from 1-4 weeks) than plastic pee pads, saving you time and money! 

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