Why Do Dogs Hate Fireworks?

Updated On: Friday, September 8, 2023 13:31:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

It’s clear that canines aren’t the biggest fans of the yearly July 4th spectacle that humans fondly call fireworks. Every year, dog pawrents go the extra mile to ensure that their fur babies can feel safe during the celebratory explosions occurring across the country. Still, even with our best efforts fireworks remain one of the most frightening ordeals that dogs go through. But why exactly are dogs afraid of fireworks?

Photo by Camylla Battani 

Sensitive Hearing

As natural-born hunters, dogs’ senses are much more heightened than those of humans. Dog ears can pick up ranges of sound that aren’t even audible to humans! If you’ve ever been caught off guard by a loud boom during this festive time of the year, think about how much more loud and terrifying it can be for your dog. 


As you may have noticed, dogs don’t keep calendars the way humans do. So even though fireworks seem like a routine annual event for us, they can feel sudden and unexpected for our furry friends. In addition, not all fireworks sound the same, and they’re not set off in regular intervals. As routine-oriented creatures, the unpredictability of loud fireworks can be downright unsettling. 

Chaotic Environment

Though fireworks may be happening far away from home, the seeming madness outdoors can easily be felt indoors too. With parties or BBQs happening commonly during the Fourth of July, a hectic home environment can cause dogs to become even more stressed. Whenever possible, keep your home environment calm to help provide your dog a sense of stability. Calming treats can also help dogs who are especially struggling with the noise. 

Feelings of Being Trapped

Like other living creatures, dogs have a flight or fight response when they feel threatened. But unlike other threats, fireworks can seem unescapable. Not only do they make incredibly loud booming noises, fireworks can feel unescapable because they happen in multiple locations at varying times. Feeling like fireworks can’t be fought or fled from, they become overwhelming for dogs who feel like they have few options for evading whatever’s causing the frightening noises. 

Have a scared pooch on your hands? Try an indoor dog bathroom like DoggieLawn during this Fourth of July so that your fur baby doesn’t have to go outside. Using a pet potty or pee pad also prevents frightened pups from trying to break loose. Check out our post on soothing dogs during fireworks season here for more tips to keep your dog safe and sound during this summer holiday!