Ideal Placements for DoggieLawn

Friday, January 03, 2020 10:25:16 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you’re like most dog owners, you take pleasure in giving your dog the best of everything whenever you can. Naturally, this includes a comfortable dog potty solution that is not only approachable for him, but practical for you. DoggieLawn lets both of you say good-bye to traditional pee pads for good in favor of real, growing grass that lets him go as nature intended. The following are just a few placement ideas to help you get started.

High-Rise ApartmentsDog Sitting on DoggieLawn

If you live in a high-rise apartment or condo, getting your pup out for a genuine walk every single time he has to go can be

challenging to say the least, especially on busy days. DoggieLawn makes for a convenient alternative that your dog will genuinely love. You can even place it on your balcony so he can enjoy a breath or two of fresh air at the same time.

Travel Crates

Whether you’re in the middle of a cross-country move or traveling abroad with your dog in tow, crate traveling can be hard on your pet’s nerves at times. It doesn’t exactly leave room for regular walks or chances to go to the bathroom under ideal conditions either. A patch of real, fresh grass makes a wonderful addition to your dog’s travel crate or pet taxi in case of accidents or nerves. Many dogs also love using their DoggieLawn to relax on, so it can make the entire trip more comfortable as well.

Near Your Dog’s Bed or Dish

If you’re still in the process of potty training your puppy, it helps to keep a wee wee pad close to where he sleeps or near his food dishes. It helps reduce the likelihood of an accident, as well as give him an appealing place to go that feels completely natural to him. This is an excellent placement for dogs that are older, suffering from arthritis, or struggling with incontinence as well. Plus, DoggieLawn doesn’t generate the odors and unpleasantness traditional pee pads or newspapers will once they’ve been used, so your pup can go comfortably more than once if he needs to.

On the Porch

Who doesn’t love taking in a sunset or enjoying some downtime reading on the porch or the deck when the weather is nice? Adding a nice pad of real grass to the mix gives your dog something special to enjoy however he sees fit while you spend time together. If he needs to relieve himself, he can do so comfortably, but DoggieLawn is just as great for grabbing a nap, sniffing, playing, or just about anything else your dog likes to do.

Examination Tables

Lots of dogs get a little nervous when it’s time to go to the vet for an exam or to get their vaccinations. Don’t be afraid to bring a DoggieLawn patch along with you so he has someplace comfortable and familiar to stand or sit while the vet takes care of him. It’ll easily take care of any accidents he might have during the process as well.

Cars and Other Vehicles

DoggieLawn makes a great addition to your car, van, truck, boat, or other vehicle if your furry friend will be coming along for the ride. Place it on the back seat so he can ride along on his own personal patch of green grass. Situate it on the floor of the vehicle so he has someplace to relieve himself if he does need to go to the bathroom while you’re on the road. You can even bring it into the hotel with you if you’ll be staying overnight somewhere.

Of course, these are really only a few great places to place your pet’s next patch of DoggieLawn. However, any place your dog likes to rest, play, or relieve himself is a potentially great fit. Get creative, and explore the possibilities!