What’s Your Dog's Love Language?

Updated On: Thursday, June 29, 2023 15:03:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you may be wondering what you can do to make your furry one feel extra special. What would make your dog feel loved and adored? The answer is different for every dog, because each one has their own unique love language. Which is your dog’s love language?

Photo by Delphine Beausoleil


Commonly called “lap dogs,” these affectionate canine companions prefer frequent contact and demonstrate their love through physical actions such as cuddling, licking, or nuzzling. Show that you care with regular cuddle seshes in addition to routine walks and playtime to ensure that all of your doggo’s needs are being met! 

Acts of Service or Kindness

Does your pooch bring you their favorite toy as a thoughtful gesture? Your dog’s love language might be providing and receiving acts of service. This type of dog may offer to stand guard while you go check the mail, or they might even go get the morning paper for you themselves! Return the favor with plenty of affection, praise, and maybe your own act of kindness.

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Quality Time

Some of our canine companions may not be the most physically affectionate but still enjoy being in our company. Dogs whose love language is quality time see the time you spend together as bonding opportunities. Some may prefer to spend a lazy day on the couch together, while others dream of being your co-pilot on a road trip. Even a routine walk can show these doggos that you love them. Let your pup’s personality be your guide! 


It may be the hardest to recognize this type of love language in a canine companion, since all dogs enjoy receiving praise. After all, who doesn’t like being recognized for their efforts? But for some pooches, praise is the way they feel most appreciated. A dog whose primary love language is praise might demonstrate extra enthusiasm when praised or be exceptionally well behaved in response to receiving praise.