Welcome to the New DoggieLawn Blog!

Friday, August 12, 2016 01:20:48 PM America/Los_Angeles

Greetings fellow dog parents! My name is Andrea and I am writing to you on behalf of DoggieLawn. I’ve been working here for about three months, and when the CEO approached me with the idea of revamping the blog, I immediately said YES! So here I am, your new DoggieLawn blogger, hoping to bring you tips, tricks, tools, and new ideas for how to keep your dog happy, healthy, and content.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, but I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have lots of not so fond memories of taking my childhood dog out for walks in negative degree temperatures, so DoggieLawn customers in the Midwest and East Coast- I understand your pain. That’s why I was so excited to have the opportunity to work for DoggieLawn, as I know (from personal experience) how crucial an indoor pet potty can be for those winter months! And a real GRASS indoor pet potty? Heck yeah! After learning that I was able to bring a dog to work every day at DoggieLawn, I decided to take the plunge and become a dog parent myself; I adopted Bertrand Russell, a Los Angeles rescue pup who was found living in the parking lot of a hardware store. Named after one of my favorite philosophers, Bert has quickly become the absolute light of my life; but of course with any light comes some darkness. Bertrand has some anxiety issues that we’re still working through, and we still have some tough behavior days (just ask my coworkers about the lawns he’s chewed up-oops!), but at the end of the day I am such a better, happier person thanks to him.

Welcome to the New DoggieLawn Blog!

And that’s really what I want this blog to be- an honest portrayal of what it means to be a dog parent, both the good and the bad. I hope to turn this blog into a resource for your dog centered lifestyle (because let’s be honest- if you have a dog your world revolves around them, no matter what). Since I only adopted Bertrand a few months ago, I still have a TON to learn, and I’d like to invite you to learn with me! I will be making weekly posts filled with training information, DIY projects, stories, potty tips, and more. Since Bert and I are in the office every day, we’d also love to hear your feedback about what you’d like to see on here. Feel free to reach out to us, and stay tuned!


Andrea and Bert

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