Using Pee Pads Outdoors During Winter

Updated On: Friday, September 29, 2023 14:06:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

While many use pee pads indoors, part of its appeal has been that they can be moved indoors or outdoors as needed. But when winter weather comes rolling in, using pee pads outdoors can get tricky. Those who use their pet potties outdoors will need to adjust their usual dog bathroom routine regardless of the kind of pee pad used to accommodate wind, rain, and snow.    

Photo by Kameron Kincade

Traditional Plastic Pee Pads

Traditional plastic pee pads can be especially unsuited for outdoor use during the winter because it doesn’t have the weight of other heavier wee wee pads. Their light weight makes them prone to flying away, taking with it a pad full of pet waste. Not only is this inconvenient, it produces more litter. A waterproof method that may make these disposable pads more transportable and secure is a two-part pee pad holder. 

Artificial Grass Pee Pads

Artificial grass pads are conveniently waterproof and perhaps better suited for the winter because of this. However, waste can pool in the tray of artificial grass pads, making them unsanitary. Poo bags should be kept nearby and pet waste should be picked up immediately to prevent it from seeping into the tray. It’s critical to clean out any debris like foliage or it will become mushy and trapped in the artificial turf. In addition, the blades can freeze in weather that is below 32 degrees and can cause slipping. 

Real Grass and Other Natural Pee Pads

Real grass dog bathrooms like DoggieLawn can be a great option for offering a taste of the great outdoors when going outside may not be the most practical option. Like grass on a lawn, grass in a pet potty may go dormant during this time. While it may not be the lush green pee pad we would all love to have year-round, this doesn’t make the pad any less effective, as dogs will still recognize the smell and feel of the pad as grass. 

Paw-rents' main concern in using natural pee pads outdoors during the winter is typically keeping the surface dry as well as drainage. Indoor use is highly preferable, but in the event that that isn’t possible a small tent or a trash bag can be used as a cover when the dog bathroom isn’t in use. 

For more info on why natural is the way to go, check out our post on fake grass pads here!