Treibball: The Competitive Herding Sport Your Doggy Should Try!

Friday, October 17, 2014 02:24:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

Does your dog have a lot of pent up energy? Does walking prove to be an occasional challenge because of his vitality? Treibball: The Competitive Herding Sport Your Doggy Should Try!

Well Treibball may be the perfect sport for your hyper furry friend! Not only is a great way to relive some loose jitters in overly energetic pooches – or even open up a shy canine – but Treibball has proved to be a very competitive sport for some overachieving dogs. It’s also yet another way to squeeze in some exercise for your furry friend during the day.

So what is Treibball? It is essentially a herding sport. Utilizing a exercise ball, dogs are tasked with herding the a group of eight balls first to their owner or handler, and then to the ultimate goal under a time limit. The fast-paced game originated from Germany, and has since spawned a competitive movement here in America.

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Photo: Daisy gives the ball a once over thinking it might make a great snack.; Steve Baker;