Dangerous Dog Treats

Friday, June 15, 2018 10:11:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

We can’t deny the fact that dog treats usually play a critical part in our dog’s everyday life. Therefore, it’s essential to feed your dog with a healthy and well-balanced dog treat. However, not all dog treats that you acquire from a pet store are good for your dog. Some of them are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Luckily, most of the dog treats that are sold in dog stores are at least safe.

A majority of us don’t seem to pay attention to the treats that we purchase at our local pet store. We tend to assume that the Food and Drug Administration has approved anything that is sold in the store. Always keep in mind that it takes lots of complaints before the FDA initiates a recall for a particular product. This means that harmful products are still on the pet store shelves for unsuspecting dog owners. Here are some of the dangerous dog treats that you should never buy for your pup.




Rawhide is probably the most dangerous dog chew ever made. Dog owners have shared plenty of horror stories on social media about Rawhide dog chews and how dangerous they are. Some dog owners say that their dogs required emergency surgery after consuming a small amount of Rawhide while some say that their dogs choked and died in the process. The most devastating thing is that Rawhide chews are still sold in various pet stores all over the country. They are even sold in convenient stores such as Walmart and 99c.

Rawhide comes in varying shapes and sizes, and it has become one of the go-to treats when you think of feeding your dog. Most of the new dog owners tend to think that this treat is dried meat and dogs can eat it for hours without any 

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problems. Although some dogs maychew it for hours with no problems at all, buying this treat is money wasted since sooner or later; your dog will develop various complications.

Typically, Rawhide chews undergo a chemical process that is extremely dangerous and includes a lot of toxic substances including glue. Some manufacturers tend to promote Rawhide chews as "made in the USA" which may be true but that doesn't make them any safe for your dog. Be aware of these unhealthy dog treats.

Dynamic Pet Real Ham Bone

It is safe to say that most dogs like big and juicy bones. Unfortunately, this particular dog treat has been criticized by various dog owners for several years. Most dog owners say that this treatment causes a wide range of complications to your dog and can even cause death. Thousands of dog owners have shared their various negative experiences with the bone, and even the FDA has cautioned pet owners to be cautious when buying the treat.

According to the critics of this treat, the bone comes apart when the dog bites it, creating sharp debris that can easily get stuck in the small intestines of your pup which results in vomiting, diarrhea in the indoor dog potty and even death. After numerous complaints, the manufacturer has added a safety warning label to the treat advising dog owners to monitor their dog while eating the bone. However, a simple warning isn't good enough to make the treat safe. There is already a lawsuit, an online petition, and a Facebook page challenging the FDA to pull the treat off the shelves.


This is another famous commercial dog treat that dog owners love. However, Milkbones has been labeled as one of the five most dangerous pet treats according to an online video published by Rodney Habib. One of the Milkbones ingredients named Butylated Hydroxyanisole or BHA is a highly toxic preservative that has also been identified as a cancer-causing agent responsible for producing considerable tumors in laboratory animals.

Milkbones also contain high amounts of sugar and other ingredients that dog treats shouldn’t contain at all such as corn, wheat, and soy. The dog’s digestive system find it difficult to process these ingredients which can lead to your pet filling the indoor potty for dogs regularly due to severe diarrhea. You need to remember the fact that your pet’s digestive system isn’t the same as the human digestive system.

Various Brands of Jerky Treats

In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration issued a safety warning for all chicken flavor jerky dog treats manufactured in China that caused the death of over 1,000 pet dogs. Several pet owners observed that this treat caused gastrointestinal illness and kidney failure. However, the most widespread side effect of the treat was Fanconi Syndrome (FLS) which is an unusual kidney disease. The FLS syndrome will make your pet highly uncomfortable and even complicate the process of pet potty training. Both Petsmart and Petco stopped supplying the dog treat which seemed like a viable solution to the issue. However, most of these treats are still being stocked in various pet stores and online.

Most of the dog food brands are also reformulating and repackaging their jerky treats and adding the label "made in the USA" to attract the unsuspecting dog owners. Such labels are highly misleading since most of the ingredients used in jerky treats are still sourced from China and contain various toxins that are dangerous to the health of your dog. The FDA still advises pet owners to avoid these unhealthy dog treats until they can establish which ingredient is affecting the dogs.

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