Top 5 Essentials for Multi-dog Homes

Updated On: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 16:34:29 PM America/Los_Angeles

While dog lovers may say more pups the merrier, issues specific to living in a multi-dog household do exist. Help all of your fur babies thrive by making sure that these five essentials are a staple in your abode. Just a few simple things can make your multi-dog home a less stressful place for both you and your sweet doggos!

Photo by Gulyás Bianka

Personal Essentials 

It goes without saying that each pet in the home should have their own essentials. This includes: food and water bowls, beds, toys, and pee pads. In addition to reducing the likelihood of territorial behavior, providing individual essentials encourages each dog to be independent canines with healthy attachment styles. Check out our post here for more tips on raising canine siblings!

Separate Beds and/or Crates

Just as humans need a little “me time” every now and then, so do our furry companions. A bed, crate, or other kind of hiding place to call their own will give dogs a sense of ownership and safety in a multi-dog household. Offer enough beds for each dog to make sure that they have a resting place that’s just theirs. 

Individual Wee Wee Pads 

As much as each dog in the household should have their own bowls and bedding, each pooch should ideally get their own indoor pet potty. It’s especially important to have separate pee pads for each pup if both (or all) dogs are at the potty training stage. In addition to preventing territorialism, dogs should be trained separately so that they can focus on learning proper potty behaviors. 

Pet Gates

Anyone who’s had more than one pet knows that our furry companions can get each other worked up during exciting or stressful scenarios. Pet gates can be useful for reminding dogs about appropriate behavior. For instance, pet gates can be effective for handling rowdy doggos when guests come over, or help ease a new pup into their new fur-ever home. 

Odor Remover  

Even having one animal around can get pretty funky pretty fast. But more than one? You’re going to need an effective odor remover to keep a handle on smells. Not only does an odor remover get rid of stinky smells, it’ll help curb potty accidents. Dogs may be tempted to mark in the same spot over and over again, and this can be aggravated when you have more than one pooch roaming around. Keep other dogs from repeatedly peeing on a spot they’re not supposed to by using either an odor remover or a urine cleaner