Tips for Moving with a Dog

Updated On: Tuesday, April 19, 2022 14:12:02 PM America/Los_Angeles

Moving can be a challenging experience for dogs, who thrive on routine. Transitioning into a new home is a major change for doggos, and they’ll need all the help they can get to feel safe and adjust to an entirely different environment. Here, we discuss some tips for giving your fur baby some peace of mind while going through this major life event.  

Photo by Mysaell Armendariz

Does Moving Houses Affect Dogs?

Dogs are greatly impacted by a move. Consider how much a move can impact humans. Now, think about how such a drastic change might feel if you have no idea why it’s happening. While you know that the move is prompted by a new job, a new child, or simply to upgrade your living space, your fur baby may be less clear on why her whole life is changing. 

How to Help Your Dog During a Move

  • Stick to routines as much as possible: Keeping to a dog’s usual routine will help provide a sense of security while everything else feels like it’s up in the air. This means keeping eating schedules, pet potty routines, play times, and walks as consistent as possible. If pee pads are part of the moving plans, incorporate them into your dog’s routine ahead of time so that she’s not confronted with yet another novel routine in her new home.  
  • Keep old favorites: Don’t throw out those old toys yet! It may be tempting to get rid of ragged, stinky plushes and start fresh, but it might be better to wait until after your pup has settled in. Familiar objects and smells can be incredibly comforting during a time of upheaval. Save the new toys for once your pooch is feeling good about their new home. 
  • Prepare your destination if possible: This may be tricky if you’re making a cross-country move, but if the new home is within driving distance, consider having the place set up for your pup as much as possible before taking her there. For instance, designate a room where the dog can retreat to until things are a bit more settled. The room should have essentials like food and water bowls and a dog bathroom. A cozy blanket and favorite toys are also a plus! This also makes it easier to keep your fur baby secure as movers go in and out of the house. 
  • Find a local veterinarian: Though we all prefer not to think of the unimaginable, a lot can happen when traveling with a pet and transitioning into a new home. Find and keep the local vet’s number handy in the event that there are any accidents. A telehealth vet service can also be helpful if you plan on being on the road more than a couple hours while en route to your new home. 

Any place can be a new, welcoming home for your doggo as long as she’s given the support she needs. Help her settle in by providing all her favorite essentials like a real grass DoggieLawn to get accustomed to her new life!