The 5 Most Exotic Dog Breeds

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Do you want to have an exotic and cute doggo but can’t quite settle on a specific breed? A quick search will render you literally hundreds of rare and exotic dog species. Of course, deciding which one to get is a big decision and not something that you’ll do lightly. With that in mind, we’ve decided to provide you with a quick overview of the top 5 most exotic dog breeds that you can encounter! You’re sure to find a worthy furry pal for yourself among these.

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Lagotto Romagnolo

In most cases, people refer to this species simply by its “first name” — Lagotto. There’s a reason why this breed is first on our list, though the rest is in no particular order; we’re talking about one of the rarest dog breeds on the planet, and also the oldest. To put things in perspective, there are no more than five hundred of these doggos registered in the entire United States!

Their history is as old as that of humanity itself. These dogs date back to the glorious days of ancient Rome. Even then, they had a noble purpose; they were used to find the location of truffles, seeing as they were always excellent swimmers.

If you’re a fan of great pet hair and know the struggle that comes with cleaning up and vacuuming pet hair, this breed will be perfect for you. They’ve got gorgeously dense and thick, curly hair. It practically doesn’t shed and comes in different colors like brown, golden, and white. On average, these dogs are tiny or medium in size and their intellect and senses are pretty much impeccable. Although, we should mention that these doggies like to get physical, and they constantly need exercise so keeping them in a small apartment isn’t recommended.

Coton de Tulear

Next up, we’ve got the Coton — one of the most famous purebreds on Earth. This dog dates back a couple of centuries to the far-flung island of Madagascar. When it was bred there, locals cherished this species and kept them in large numbers because of their immense loyalty. The first part of their name actually comes from their cotton-esque fluffy fur. The latter part of the name comes from Tulear, which is the place where this species was bred.

If you need a nice lap puppy and a dog you can  soothe by snuggling, Cotons are a good bet. Plus, they’re incredibly obedient, so they should be a good pick if you’ve never trained a dog before. The best part about them is that they always have a childish, puppy-like personality. They rarely bark, unless someone who they don’t know visits. Lastly, they’re pretty great when it comes to getting along with younger kids and other animals as well. They’ll even get along nicely with cats!


The Puli is also one of the older breeds on this list. It first popped up in Hungary a millennium ago. This was a sheep herding dog in the beginning, but today it’s a rare, luxury breed. Its coat is quite unique and reminds people of dreadlocks. The Puli is considered to be a happy dog, because it has a nice spring in its step that looks like bouncing.

They come in white, grey, and pitch black. Though, we do need to warn you that their coating does require significant maintenance if you want to maintain its look; or you could always cut it shorter. As for the dog’s character, Pulis are usually quick to learn new tricks and commands, and they’re clever and affectionate. Due to their original purpose, these are still alert dogs. They do great as guardians of a family household.

As a  new puppy parent, you need to keep in mind that this is a dog that will require a decent amount of exercise on a daily basis. They’ve got a headstrong temperament, and thus have to burn off energy constantly or they can get anxious.

Bearded Collie

For our next pick, we’re going to Britain which is where the Bearded Collie comes from. It’s a dog that’s hugely popular in the Northern Scottish region; though it is an absolute cutie, it also serves a practical role to this day because people use it when they herd sheep.

They’re a medium-sized breed, and they come in a wide array of different colors. You can find a Bearded Collie in both black and white. While their coat is quite shaggy and long, you should keep in mind that you’ll need to  groom this dog quite a lot because the coat requires daily brushing and monthly clipping.

This breed is extremely carefree and high-spirited, and it’s sure to brighten anyone’s mood. That’s why they’re excellent around fellow pets and children. Their naturally friendly disposition means that they’re not great at being watchdogs, though. You can expect them to be friendly with anyone who arrives at your door. They’re great at a lot of different doggy sports, and they’re exceptionally obedient.

Berger Des Pyrenees

Our final dog cutie hails from the mountains of France. In the days of yore, the Berger used to be known as an excellent herding dog. He has a personality not dissimilar to terriers, and the breed is quite intelligent. This also means that you’ll need to devote enough time to them, as the dogs are known to be physically active and mentally curious.


There are plenty of exotic and cute dog breeds out there, and we’re sure you can find a great pick from our top five list. If not, try searching some more — you’re bound to find a pup that you’ll instantly fall in love with. We hope this guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new.

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