Taking the Scary Out of Vet Visits

Updated On: Thursday, June 29, 2023 15:09:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

It’s not unusual for dogs to get spooked by a vet visit. However, putting off vet visits does a disservice to your fur baby, as it gives them fewer opportunities to become familiar with the vet setting. In addition, getting used to being handled by a vet makes it less likely that they’ll have a traumatic experience when an emergency or serious illness occurs. So, how do you make challenging trips more manageable? Check out our tips below for taking the scary out of vet visits!  

Photo by Karsten Winegeart

Stick to Routines

Whether it’s going potty or taking a walk, keep your usual routines. Routines aren’t just about ticking off boxes on your doggo’s to-do list. They help our canine companions feel safe and secure. Sticking to routines reassures your pup that the vet visit doesn’t get in the way of any of their needs or creature comforts! 

Utilize a Vet Telehealth Service

Telehealth services like AskVet are ideal for non-urgent problems and doggos who get overly anxious about vet visits. Checking in with a licensed vet remotely allows you to address your concerns without the stress of dragging your dog to the vet. Not only will your fur baby appreciate it, you’ll have saved some precious time, too! 

Use Treats and Praise

If you do have to make an in-person trip to the vet, treats and praise help your doggo create positive associations with the dreaded vet visit. Offer plenty of praise and treats before and after to acknowledge their braveness! A calming treat can provide added benefits if you’re dealing with an especially nervous pooch. 

Enlist Calming Tools

In addition to calming treats, pheromone sprays and wraps like ThunderShirts can make vet visits a tad less stressful. Pheromone sprays are a simple and convenient method when a dog is so stressed that they lose their appetite and refuse treats or become stubborn about putting on a pressure wrap. There are a number of products on the market today that can be used together safely to make stressful situations less anxiety-provoking.   

Go to the Vet Regularly

It’s easier to get used to things that happen relatively regularly. At minimum, going in for annual check-ups from a young age can help your pup get accustomed to the yearly trip. Staying on top of appointments is not only good for your doggo’s well-being, they help prevent major illnesses which in turn minimizes the likelihood of difficult or traumatic vet visits in the future. 

Staying on top of your dog’s wellness can feel overwhelming, but it’s critical for keeping them happy and healthy in the long run. DoggieLawn’s partnership with AskVet gives you access to an invaluable telehealth service for the modern pet parent who wants a convenient yet reliable alternative to the traditional vet visit. AskVet provides 24/7 access to consults with licensed vets and no appointments are necessary. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, all you have to do is sign up for a DoggieLawn subscription. Check out this page for more info on how to get two free months of AskVet. We can’t wait to join you for your pup’s wellness journey!