Helping Your Dog Get Relief When It Is Stormy Outside

Friday, January 18, 2019 06:04:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

Potty training is always a tough experience for any dog.  Whether you have a young puppy or an elder dog, he or she may simply not enjoy going outside.  These dogs are members of your family.  You don’t have to go outside to go to the bathroom when it's stormy, do you?  Of course not!  We treat our pups with amazing respect and we look for any way to make them as comfortable as possible.  DoggieLawn indoor dog potty systems can be the answer to that next stormy day or night where your dog simply does not want to go outside.

Rain and Snow Are No Fun For Dogs

Rain and snow are simply no fun for dogs.  Think about a snowstorm in the North during the winter months.  The snow can pile up to the point where your dog may not have much room to roam.  He or she may not be able to get to their spot in the yard and even if they do, they may have to trudge through inches of snow to make it.  It is not comfortable for them, and it is also tough on their paws.  DoggieLawn can help them avoid the pain of walking through the freezing snow.

Rain is not a lot of fun for dogs either.  The wet ground can be rough on the paws and it can also be difficult for them to be comfortable, get to a relaxing state where they can relieve themselves in the yard.  With rain, you usually get heavy winds as well.  It can be dangerous out there for dogs and you want them to get relief, without having to endure what the elements toss their way.

dog grass

The Subscription Service for Storm Relief

Stormy relief is in sight when you look at the DoggieLawn product.  The way it works with DoggieLawn is that you sign up for a subscription service.  Busy dog owners are the aim of the company.

The fresh potty grass that comes with the DoggieLawn is going to be ready for them at all times.  When they want to go to the bathroom, they can do it day or not, no matter what the weather is outside.  The subscription service can be the relief that they seek without having to worry about the outdoor weather.  

Better Than A Wee Wee Pad

There are plenty of options in the market for dogs.  You have potty pads, wee wee pads, as well as other options for pup lovers.  All of these can give your dog the ability to go to the bathroom inside, but it is not the same as the outdoor grass!  You want to give your dog a more natural way to relieve themselves.  On top of that, when you go with DoggieLawn, you are simulating what you get in the yard more closely.  When you switch to a potty pad, it can be confusing on the dogs to the point where they may not know where to relieve themselves should the pad removal occur.

Minimize the Odor

One of the drawbacks to your dog going to the bathroom in the house is the odor that can erupt.  The odors are something you desire to avoid, we’re sure.  With DoggieLawn, you are going to have natural grass.  The natural gas works to minimize the odor that comes out of the waste.  When you go with a potty pad or other option, it is just not natural.  There are also smells that make it hard to train your dog.  Going with a cheap alternative to DoggieLawn can result in your dog not knowing how or where to go to the bathroom, and ending up with an odor in the home which is hard to shake!

Safe for the Planet

The DoggieLawn product is also safe for the planet.  The product is very green, meaning that it can be recycled and the way it is manufactured is not harmful at all in terms of production drain on the planet.  

A lot of the DoggieLawn alternatives that exist in the market are killing the planet.  These are made of waste products, meaning you cannot recycle a thing.  It all has to get a toss into the garbage as soon as you are done with them.  Fake grass is not the way to go.  You want dog grass that is natural, fresh grass your dog will recognize, and DoggieLawn delivers.

When the storm starts to rip and roar outside, you want to give your dog relief, somewhere to go bathroom in peace.  They should not have to trudge out onto the snow, into the rain.  They need a natural solution to help them with potty training but also get relief at the same time.  DoggieLawn can deliver as the natural dog grass solution.  This is real grass, an indoor potty pad for dogs you can trust and rely on.  The fresh grass really is like a dog bathroom right in your home, one that is good for the planet minimizes odor, and helps keep your dog safe and comfortable.