Is Sleeping With Your Dog a Good Idea?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 11:20:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

Jack Russell Terrier sleeping in bed Source: Gladskikh Tatiana/ Shutterstock

If you have just acquired a new furry friend or have been sharing your bed with one, it is natural to wonder whether sleeping with them can be harmful. Here is a study that was carried out by Mayo Clinic to ascertain if dogs on the bed or just in the bedroom had any effect on the human sleep patterns.

The study involved 40 healthy humans and their dogs. The dogs were all above six months old. Each human had to wear an accelerometer to measure the sleep patterns, and the dogs were also fitted with a dog-friendly version of the accelerometer. All the humans did not have any sleep disorders.

After seven days of observing the sleep patterns, it was deduced that whether the dogs slept on the bed or the floor in the same bedroom, their sleep patterns were not affected. Humans, on the other hand, slept better when the dog was not on the bed but the floor. The overall result was that people sleep better when the dog is in the same room but not on the bed. This means that you should gently get your dog out of your bed no matter how much he loves it.

Why is this so?

The best bet is that dogs tend to be restless at night sometimes tossing and turning. This can affect your sleep. When the pet is in the same room, you feel safer. You sleep more soundly than when it is not around.

Another thing that might cause a dog owner not to sleep comfortably is when the dog frequently has to go to its potty. You either choose to have the door open or have the potty with you in the same room. Many dog owners especially those who use artificial grass might not like the idea very much. The smell might be too much. It is also heavy and cumbersome, carrying it to the bedroom. A real grass dog potty pack might be a better option because it does not emit any smells no matter how many times the dogs use it. Also, you do not have to clean it.

Sleeping with your doggy in the same room can be a good idea, but the trick is to have a separate bed. If you are already used to sleeping with the dog, the separation can cause anxiety, but this is just for a short period. 

How Else Can You Make Your Dog More Comfortable

Dogs love nature. That’s is why it is so important to take your pet for a walk every so often. Other than this, we understand that it is not always possible to have time to take your dog out to potty. You can get held up at work, or the weather might just be too harsh to step outside for the much-needed dog relief.

Because of the inconveniences surrounding plastic potties, a better option might be needed. The stench and complicated maintenance practices associated with the plastic and fake grass may be too much especially for someone who has a busy schedule. The cleaning routine is also something many people do not look forward to. So what alternative is there for dog lovers? How can you make sure your dog goes to the potty at will, and you do not have to worry about cleaning afterward?

Real grass patches for dogs can be an excellent option. The patch is inviting as it is made from 100% grass and naturally occurring substances that will make the furry friend feel like it is taking a walk through the park. It does not smell or require any cleaning. You can place a potty grass in the bedroom for your doggy to use at night. This means you will sleep more comfortably without worrying about taking the dog out especially when it is cold or raining.

The main difference between the plastic potty and the pet grass pad is that the latter does not smell even when used for 2 to 4 weeks. It is not heavy and does not require to be cleaned. You can place several packs in the house meaning that your dog finds it more convenient to potty. The same case applies when you have several dogs.

With the grass potty, you do not have to worry if you get at home late. Your dog will take care of its potty needs without your assistance. It will love the potty because it reminds it of nature. If you want to potty train your dog, this might be an easier option. Your dog will learn no use the potty faster with the real grass potty option.

Better sleep promotes a healthier body. You will have more energy to take care of your daily obligations. At the same time, you will have the energy to play and take good care of your dog. When you are happy, your pet is happier. Make sure you get enough sleep by not sleeping with your dog or taking it out at night to use the potty. The more sleep interruptions you get at night, the less healthy you will be.