Useful Products for Senior Citizen Dog Owners

Thursday, August 01, 2019 12:05:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

There are countless reasons why we love our dogs. From companionship, therapy, to security, dogs provide us with a much better quality of life. Finding the right pooch for you or your family is easy, and the benefits far-reaching.

When raising dogs, however, one big challenge senior citizens are often faced with is providing a suitable dog bathroom for their pet. While it is most ideal for dogs of all sizes to go on real grass, it wasn’t always possible; until now.

There are great options available to dog parents today in providing convenient, safe, and natural pet potty solutions.

Why Invest in an Indoor Pet Bathroom Solution?

Even in ideal situations, no one can possibly be there for their pooch each and every time they need to go potty. Circumstances force us to come up with solutions to solve this problem. Dogs are, by nature, wired to do their thing outside.

For older pet owners who aren’t able to physically move around as much or as frequently, it may not be possible to walk their dogs to the backyard or park. An indoor dog potty is a feasible and practical solution.

Available Solutions

Indoor pet potty types have been around for a while. From the old traditional (and messy) newspaper method to pee pads positioned strategically around a home, there is a broad and confusing range of options.

An excellent indoor dog potty should solve all of these problems in one go. Today, the top pick for indoor dog litter solutions is, without a doubt, the disposable dog potty. Nothing on the market mimics the natural environment dogs prefer to go potty on quite like grass potties

With trays that slide out to empty the waste, disposable grass potties are highly convenient for senior citizen dog parents in particular. Generally, these potty types come in two varieties; fake grass and fresh grass.


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Fake Grass vs. Fresh Grass

Synthetic grass (or fake grass) products are not the best dog potty option as they can be harmful to the environment. Dogs are also not naturally drawn to synthetic grass products as most have some measure of chemical spray as part of their formulation.

Fake grass may look like the real deal and even be helpful in some circumstances, but at the end of the day, it is non-biodegradable and requires a lot more maintenance. Synthetics grass pads also pose a problem for landfills and can be breeding grounds for bacteria in your home.

Real grass pads reduce the ecological footprint of pet potty products and reduce the amount of maintenance required. They are a patch of real grass for your pooch. This grass is specially formulated and hydroponically grown, which means it forms a durable layer of roots and soil.

Real dog grass potty pads typically come with a mat underneath, allowing for the absorption of urine without odor or leakage. Litter is broken down by microbes found naturally in the grass. For senior citizens, this option gives you the freedom to enjoy your dog without denying them the opportunity to go potty like they naturally should. 

Best Real Grass Potty Pad

Of all the real grass potty pads out there, none comes close to the quality and convenience offered by the DoggieLawn brand. It is a perfect solution if you have a dog, but even more so if you are a senior citizen.

DoggieLawn gives your dog their own natural, safe, and personal dog potty grass pad no matter where you live. Completely portable, this real grass dog pad is usable indoors, outdoors, on balconies, porches, boats, or virtually anywhere else.

Using the DoggieLawn potty pad is as simple as grabbing the tray of grass and placing it wherever you please for a mess-free, natural experience. Believe it or not, your dog can tell the difference between fake grass and real dog grass patches

As opposed to artificial grass potty pads which require weekly washing and emptying of the catch pan, real grass ones not only require zero maintenance, but they are also biodegradable, making them incredibly eco-friendly.

DoggieLawn grass is a hydroponic soil-less variety which means you won't find the dirt (or mess) in sod sold at home improvement stores. This allows for the most effortless clean-up imaginable; simply invest in a good scooper, and dispose of it in your nearest green, compost bin.

Final Thoughts

With a DoggieLawn pet potty in your home, you never have to worry about getting out in the night, in the cold or driving to the park for doggy toilet breaks even when potty training a pup. One great thing you will love about this product is that it uses real grass, which has natural scent absorption properties. This means it won't reek like the artificial grass types or pee pads.


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