Say Goodbye to Odor, Not Your Pet

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 10:31:19 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you’re a pet owner, then you know that there is a certain smell to which you’re accustomed, unlike your guests. If this sounds all too familiar and your guests mention the musty pup, hair shedding, wet dog, puppy breath odor, it’s time for a change, starting with changing their indoor doggy pad to indoor grass for dogs. Does this sound about right? It does to us! Think about it; if your dog is using an indoor wee-wee pad that isn’t efficient at absorbing liquids or masking smells, your home is expected to smell, well, not so good. In order to increase the good smelling odors and decrease the bad smelling odors, upgrade to the indoor grass for dogs that Doggie Lawn offers! But what if you already use our grass pad and you’re searching for new and innovative ways to make your home smell fresher, cleaner and dog-free without saying goodbye to your beloved pet? How to get rid of the musty pup, hair shedding, wet dog, puppy breath odor: Change HVAC filters. Did you know if you are a pet owner, it’s recommended that you change out the filters in your HVAC system more frequently than if you didn’t own pets? This only means that you’re supposed to change filters out every month or two. Think about it; if your pets are shedding, panting around the house, and using the indoor grass for dogs, changing out the filter is the best thing to do rather than say goodbye to your pet. Buy a HEPA filter for your AC and furnace, and change them out frequently. It’s vital to not only your health, but the health of your entire family and even your pet’s, to make sure everyone is breathing clean, healthy, fresh air. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to achieve this is by replacing the filters with a high-grade HEPA filter fit for your HVAC (AC and furnace). You may or may not notice an immediate difference in atmosphere. Not only will your home become a healthier environment for you, your family and your pet, but it will also smell cleaner. The air will become fresher. It’s essential to note that just because you don’t smell a change doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. Nine times out of 10, dog owners can’t smell the stench of their own house until they go into a friend or family member’s home who don’t own pets. When heading back home, the smell of their own home may become more apparent, but not always. Not to fear, the HEPA filters have a job, and won’t fail you. Plus, if you follow our previous odor-removal tips, your home will be smelling brand-spanking new, and essentially, pet-free! Join Doggie Lawn’s subscription to eliminate bad odors! So, does your dog use a potty pad? If you answered yes, it’s time that you learn about our natural, odor-killing solutions: Indoor grass for dogs! Our products have proven their worth; just learn what others have to say about this product. To learn more about our subscription and prices, we welcome you to visit us here. Have questions or concerns? Direct them to us online now!