Can My Dog Be Sad?

Monday, July 09, 2018 11:55:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

There are lots of ways to tell if people are sad; they stop eating, cry a lot, become stricken with insomnia or lose interest in their favorite hobbies. The most evident sign that will tell you when someone is depressed is when they open up and tell you, "I'm sad." However, dogs aren't like human beings, and it becomes difficult to know if they are really sad. Since they can’t come to us and openly tell us that they are unhappy, it makes it harder for people to know when their dogs are depressed and what they should do to cheer them up.

Luckily, there are lots of signs that will help you know your dog is sad. Keep in mind that sadness in dogs isn’t usually serious unless it is caused by injury or illness. However, you shouldn't ignore your dog when it acts sad. Try to find out why your dog is depressed. 

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What Makes Your Dog Sad?

The unconditional love that your dog shows you is always a constant source of joy. You know that you can walk through the dog after a hectic day at work and start playing games with your pet to cheer you up. You can it out and lie on the fresh grass and watch your dog react to your action in various ways. Here are some reasons why your dog may act sad:

  • Illness: Your dog may feel depressed if it is not feeling well. Just like human beings, dogs tend to become inactive when they are injured or sick. He may just sit quietly at the indoor dog potty or sleep more than usual. There may be other signs that you may have noticed that tell you your dog is ill. Some of these signs include loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and high body temperature.
  • Lack of attention: There is a reason why your dog will act sad in the morning when you leave for work and appear happy in the evening when you walk through the door. Dogs are social animals and love being around people. Unfortunately, most of them are left alone for many hours without access to people. This can lead to depression and that feeling of sadness.
  • Addition to the family: Change in the family structure is one of the biggest causes of sadness among dogs. If you get a baby, or if you invite a guest that will be staying with you for some time, this can make your dog think that he is being replaced in the family. Your dog may also feel sad if get another pet-whether it’s another dog or not. Your dog will act sad if he feels that attention is being taken away.
  • Death of a family member or another pet: This is perhaps the most difficult type of depression in dogs to deal with since the source of sadness is irreplaceable. In case of death of another pet, other dogs may respond well if you add another pet to the family while others may remain sad only wanting the company of the dead pet. As for the death of a family member, it becomes difficult since no one can replace the deceased family member.
  • Your dog may also act sad because you are unhappy: The dog-owner bond goes beyond, and research shows that dogs can tell whether you are happy or sad just by looking at you. Keep in mind that you can't fool your dog and it will act sad when it realizes that you are also depressed.

Warning Signs of Dog Sadness

So, how do you know that your dog is sad? Here are some of the common signs that will help you understand that your dog isn't in the mood:

  • Sudden changes in behavior: A sudden change in behavior is among the first signs that something isn't right with your dog. Try to pay attention to the environment when you notice changes in your dog's behavior. For instance, have you changed their diet or even pee pads? Have you moved into a new place? The bottom line is that sudden changes in the behavior of your dog may indicate that the dog is sad or ill.
  • Loss of interest: If your pet suddenly losses interest in going for walks, playing, and other things that used to excite him, take note. Typically, all dogs that seem to lose purpose or become less active may be sad.
  • Sleeping all the time: Don't believe the saying that dogs sleep a lot. Your dog will only sleep a lot if you aren't around. If you notice that your dog continues to sleep after you get home in the evening and barely react to your presence, something is probably wrong. Try to check for any physical problems, and if you can't find any and these symptoms continue, then your dog might be sad.
  • A sudden change in the eating habits: A healthy dog is a dog that feeds well. In fact, your dog will do nothing but eat and eat if you allow it to. Dogs aren’t like human beings who frequently change their eating habits. However, when dogs are sad, they tend to display same eating habits as depressed human beings. They may start eating less or fail to eat at all or even refuse to visit the dog bathroom. If you notice that your dog is refusing to eat even her favorite treats, then that might be an indicator that she is sad.

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