Reducing Stress with DoggieLawn

Thursday, August 01, 2019 12:30:39 PM America/Los_Angeles

The number of times your pet pees or poops in a day depends on factors such as its breed, age, sex, size, diet, and previous training, among others. Smaller breeds and younger dogs tend to pee more frequently compared to their larger and older counterparts. 

There are quite several reasons why you may need to train your furry friend on how to use an indoor dog potty. For instance, if you are not around during the day to take him out on potty breaks or if you live in a high-rise building and you have no access to a yard. In this post, we discuss why using a DoggieLawn can reduce stress for you and your pet.

How does using a DoggieLawn reduce stress in my pet?

Most pet owners take it for granted that their pets need to urinate. Imagine what would happen if you couldn't pee. Apart from the obvious discomfort, there is the issue of eliminating waste from your body. As such, experts recommend that you allow your pet to ‘do their business’ every 3-5 hours. However, dogs suffering from kidney disease and diabetes urinate more frequently.  

By forcing your dog to hold it in for too long, you are predisposing him to health issues such as:

  • Urinary tract infections – when you pet ‘holds it in’ for too long, chances of developing a urinary tract infection due to the accumulation of bacteria are very high. The most common symptoms that your pet is suffering from a UTI include; cloudy or bloody urine, lack of bladder control, fever, straining while urinating, and constant licking of the genital area among others. 
  • Bladder stones – this is as a result of the accumulation of minerals such as urate, calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, silicate stones, struvite, and so on.  The bladder stones may lodge in your pet’s urethra, causing urinary tract obstruction. This is an emergency and is evidenced by intense pain, vomiting, and frequent attempts to pee with little or no urine. If left untreated, bladder stones may cause acute kidney failure or even death. 
  • Incontinence – when your dog has to constantly hold their urine, their bladder will eventually become distended, leading to bladder incontinence.

You can avoid these health problems by making use of a wee-wee pad. This allows your pet to pee or poop whenever they have the urge to. 

reduce stress

Benefits of using a DoggieLawn to the pet owner

Some of the benefits of using indoor potty for dogs include:

  • Convenience – one of the primary advantages of using a dog potty is its convenience. It can be placed anywhere in your home, and it comes in handy when your pup has to pee more frequently. It also makes housebreaking less stressful. It is quite convenient to use an indoor potty pad when the weather is not so friendly.  
  •  They are easy to clean up – just like diapers, pee pads soak up your dog’s urine without letting it leak on your floor. DoggieLawn offers trays to help you further protegiect your flooring from urine.
  •  They give you peace of mind – most pet owners have other responsibilities, including jobs, kids, and school, which make it impossible to go home every two or three hours to let your dog out. Having a potty pad relieves you of the stress of having to stick to your pet’s potty schedule. You also do not have to incur the costs of taking your dog to daycare. 
  • They help prevent housebreaking accidents – pet accidents are not only difficult to clean, but they could also cause unpleasant house odors. By using a potty pad, your pet is less inclined to soil your furniture or carpet. Also, alternatives such as DoggieLawn help control odor naturally.
  •  They can be used on any dog – potty pads can be used on dogs of any size including disabled pups, seniors, and sick dogs. When buying one, choose a size that’s proportional to your dog’s size. 

The market today is full of pee pads with different features and perks. Some have multiple absorbent layers, while others have smells that simulate the smell of real grass. Others eliminate urine odors. Taking your dog outside to pee can be a concern if you have mobility issues, if you are rarely home, or if you live in a high-rise building. Using a DoggieLawn is an easy and convenient way of relieving yourself of these concerns.