Why Real Grass is Better Than Other Potty Solutions

Monday, November 14, 2016 04:50:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

With so many options out there today, what's a pet owner to do when looking for an effective, yet cost effective potty solution? We've done some of the homework for your and laid out the details on some pup-ular options:

  • Pee Pads: Yes, pee pads are convenient and the most popular potty go-to. Buy a box, lay one out, throw away...easy, right? But how many pads come in a box? How frequently will you have to make that "cheap" purchase? For optimal function, fewer accidents, and best smelling results, pee pads should be thrown away after every use. You may require more than one pee pad if you have more than one pet that needs to use it. And even if the pee pad claims to have the right scent to attract you dog to use it as well as to keep your home smelling fresh, you will most likely still make additional purchases. Fragrance sprays, deodorizers and chemicals to make your puppy pal want to use the pee pad quickly add to your monthly bill.

Leonburger lies on training pad sadSource: Lolostock/Shutterstock

  • Artificial grass: While artificial grass boasts of lasting longer than the pee pad, it has its own drawbacks. For starters, the artificial grass sits atop drip trays to catch the urine so, in addition to scooping, you are rinsing and washing your drip trays and your grass itself. Now you are using excess water depending on how many washes you do per day and you are wasting your own time. Oh, and the drip trays are usually sold separately. And, as stated above, you will still purchase your own chemicals for attraction and deodorizers in order to keep your home smelling fresh. Depending on how many pets use the grass, it will need to be washed more frequently and replaced more often as it will lose some grass for your furry friends to track across your carpet.

Pitbull puppy on artificial grassSource:  InBetweentheBlinks/Shutterstock


  • Real grass: The DoggieLawn uses real grass which makes it more durable and less work for you. No chemicals are necessary as the natural grass kicks in your dog's instincts and easily attracts him to do his business. As long as you remember to scoop, no excess fragrances are needed as the grass soaks all liquid deep into the soil. How often you change it is conditional upon how many pet friends use it, but the range is usually 1-4 weeks before it needs to be replaced.

Chihuahua on real grass

Visit us at http://www.doggielawn.com to see our FAQs and order your DoggieLawn today. Your wallet and your best pals will thank you.