Real Grass Dog Sod DoggieLawn Explores: Jobs For Doggies

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 10:35:32 AM America/Los_Angeles

Ever wonder why your Corgi will literally ‘herd’ your little ones around the living room? Or why smaller dogs – like Pomerarians and Shih Tzus – are particularly feisty? Many pooches were bred to do a specific task. Long before our modern-day way of doing things, dogs were utilized to handle a large variety of tasks, including herding, guarding, and even hand warmers! Read on to learn about how different breeds of dogs are put to work! Real Grass Dog Sod DoggieLawn Explores: Jobs For Doggies

1) Corgis – Dogs have been utilized for herding as far back as the Roman era, when pooches were categorized according to how they would best be used, according to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Of America, Inc. In England, the Corgi was used to herd animals that included chickens, geese, and Welsh cattle, the website adds.

2) Miniature Poodles – For castle dwellers in the Renaissance era, these pooches were used as hand warmers! That’s right – according to Canidae, miniature poodles were placed inside of sleeves to keep warm inside of drafty castles.

3) German Shepherds - Prized by the police force, the German Shepherd is the top pick for fighting crime alongside the men in blue for their intelligence, size, and work ethic, according to the Summerville Police force website. Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds are also utilized by the police force, according to the National Police Dog Foundation.

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