Real Grass Dog Sod DoggieLawn Explores: Doggys That Jump At The Door!

Saturday, September 27, 2014 10:14:28 AM America/Los_Angeles

How many of you have hesitated at the idea of inviting over a guest at the fear your pooch will enthusiastically greet your friend with jumps, licks, and barks? Our furry friends can be trained to tame this common behavioral issue, so we’ve summoned up a few training tips that could teach your pooch to relax – rather than jump – at the sight of an incoming guest. Real Grass Dog Sod DoggieLawn Explores: Doggys That Jump At The Door!

1) Leash them up! Vet Street recommends training your doggy on a leash before inviting any friends over. Firstly, prepare your pooch for a friend’s arrival with the ‘down’ command. As guests enter your residence, Vet Street suggests keeping your pooch nearby on leash. Keep your dog on a leash every time a guest drops by until your dog has learned to remain calm around new friends. Reward your pooch with treats every time they have successfully calmed down around a guest – in the training’s initial stages, reward them plentifully.

2) Making space – PawRescue suggests one safe option to keep your guest safe from any jumping – using a barrier that will prevent your pooch from pouncing upon the guest. Utilizing a baby gate is one option, as is simply removing your pooch from the room.

3) If your doggy is familiar with the sit command, ASPCA recommends this training exercise, among others: enter a room, though if your pooch begins to jump upon seeing you, take a step back outside and close the door – but just with a crack remaining open. Calmly instruct your pooch to sit from outside the room. Once your dog has done just that, re-enter the room and reward your doggy with a stroke. Should he jump back again, take a step back outside to repeat the exercise.

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