Real Grass Dog Sod DoggieLawn Explores: Doga!

Friday, September 26, 2014 10:27:47 AM America/Los_Angeles

Calling all yogis out there! Are you a dog owner? Are you looking for a way to bond with your dog and alleviate a bit of stress? Doga may be the answer you’re looking for! That’s right – some yoga studios now offer joint dog-owner classes aptly titled doga! These classes will most likely be found in big cities, and see dog owners stretching out their pooches to the appropriate pose. Real Grass Dog Sod DoggieLawn Explores: Doga!

So why are dogs such a great fit for yoga? Simple – they already use many of the poses in their everyday life! Downward facing dog and upward facing dog are both postures dog owners are very familiar with, as is cobra and chaturanga. In a doga class, doggies and their owners become partners – at times the owner may use their pooch’s body weight as they attempt a posture. At other times, the dog owner may stretch their pooch out into a particular pose, according to She Knows.

She Knows also points out the added benefits of doga – aside from bonding, doga can assist in lowering blood pressure for pooches that attend a class with a massage component. The class can also be a tool in teaching socialization, since there are bound to be other doggies around. The Bark notes that regularly practicing doga can also provide a greater awareness of your dog’s body. One doga practice said she discovered what ended up being a benign lump on her dog thanks to regularly practicing doga.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out a doga class with your furry friend! Just don’t forget to take a bathroom break before you head on out - our real grass DoggieLawn is there for you! Our dog sod potty patches will keep him indoors for an easy, no-mess potty solution. Simply place your dog sod litter box inside your apartment for an outdoor-free experience. Your outdoor dog litter box can easily be used indoors, and picking up your dog’s potty is a breeze since it’s all contained on the dog litter box.

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