5 Most Popular Dog Puzzles

Monday, February 05, 2018 03:07:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dog puzzles aid in testing and improving mental capabilities of smart dogs. They stimulate your pet's intellect and instill a problem-solving instinct in their routine. Dog games range from hide-and-seek to playing with objects such as turning discs, lifting blocks and sliding bricks. They nurture a dog's innate passion for playing.

How to Assimilate Dog Puzzles into a Routine

Every dog has unique mental stimulation needs. Vets recommend a dog to play for about 20 minutes a day with puzzles. You can incorporate them routinely by hiding food in puzzle games. It will force him to try and solve them to reach the food.

You can introduce puzzle games to a dog with any health condition and level of physical activity. Puppies need short and straightforward games necessitating prolonged interactions with their owners. They regularly need positive feedback. Old and injured dogs need an exclusive game that involves working with their nose. Keeping them still for several days is a challenge.

Puzzles aid underweight pups with low appetites. They are likely to eat from a dog puzzle feeder instead of an ordinary bowl. 

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5 Best Dog Puzzles 
Most dog owners lack the necessary time and creativity to invent new ways on how to challenge their pets. Having a clear understanding of puzzle's value helps a puppy to lead a healthy lifestyle. They offer several benefits.

Prospective dog owners are typically eager to teach their new pets cool tricks. It is usually a showoff to friends and neighbors. However, most of them don't contemplate what it means having an intelligent dog. They need intense mental stimulation to avoid getting bored. Here is a highlight on various types of dog puzzles that can exercise your pet.

Ourpets IQ Treat Ball
The Treat Ball is a winner in any dog's mind. It has been assessed for many years, and it is suitable for intelligent breeds such as terriers. You just open the ball and fill its bottom compartment with some treats. Screw back its top and give it to your dog.

The dog will be enticed by his favorite snack's smell. It will force him to push the IQ ball to free treats from the compartment and then detach them from the ball. Its tiny openings are a significant challenge as they will keep him busy for a while. It can be easily disassembled.

As puzzles eliminate boredom, IQ ball efficiently tames energetic dogs. A dogs head and legs need daily exercise. Incorporating puzzles into a routine aids in avoiding undesirable habits such as digging, excessive barking, and housebreaking. Puppies can play numerous games with an Ourpets dog toy.

JW Evertuff Treat Pod Toy
Pod toy is efficient in satisfying a dog's chewing instinct. It has a sturdy plastic structure with three colored pods. They separate to allow you to insert some treats. The puppy has to manipulate them to get a reward as the bone projects upwards.

Dogs have to work hard to free the snacks. It is different from treat-dispensing puzzles. The toy is ideal for pets with high intelligence and determination to succeed. It allows dogs to chew bones and it is affordable to most dog parents.

Treat toy quickly wears out all types of dogs. It is easier to train a tired pet than a bored one. A dog that has had intense mental stimulation can quickly learn how to use an indoor dog potty. However, you should regulate the length of these pot training sessions.

Buster Activity Mat
Its starter kit is provided with the mat. It has button snaps to attach several activities such as The Cone Cloth, Water Lily, and Envelope. The dog must unravel the puzzles to reach the hidden treats. There is a model with three activities.

A dog's exercise should take about 1 hour daily. However, the duration depends on his age, body size, and health. Since at times you could be having some personal commitments, the Buster puzzle can keep a dog occupied for long. It exhausts his body while stimulating his mind. He can later have a warm bath in a dog bathroom.

You can purchase several extra puzzles which snap on the mat. They can be quickly swapped. Each problem has a distinct difficulty level. Once a dog is tired of playing, roll up the activity mat and store it. The dog isn't bored with a single toy.

Starmark Bob-A-Lot Dog Toy
The toy has adjustable treat openings that dispense treats. They complicate the mind game. It is large hence accommodating complete meals. If your pet inhales food without chewing, the toy keeps him occupied.

Starmark toy is suitable for puppies with stomach sensitivities. You can use it to feed your pet with dog grass. It tames greedy pups while preventing ingestion and vomiting. The toy can be used on any dog breed.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Dog Toy
You can insert a treat or a rubber ball inside the toy. It has a distinct concave design that forces your dog to push and drop gifts. Once he gets accustomed to it, you might have to restrict his movements.

There are different levels of dog puzzles. When selecting an appropriate toy, you should consider a dog's breed and personality. Hunting dogs enjoy sophisticated toys while injured and old dogs like mind puzzles. When a dog is alone, he often gets lonely as he is fond of you. Puzzles distract him from being anxious and depressed. Another great thing to have while you're away is a dog potty grass. For your dog, knowing that they have a place to go potty when you're gone can relieve a lot of stress. DoggieLawn is the perfect solution because it is real grass so it's what your dog is used to going on when they're outside! Some dogs don't enjoy playing alone; therefore, the toy is useful in relieving boredom. You can train a puppy to remain calm when idle. It aids in building desirable habits.