10 Tips for Bonding With Your New Dog

Friday, July 12, 2019 02:38:15 PM America/Los_Angeles

Getting a new furry friend like a dog is a fantastic experience, but it's going to require some adjusting. You'll have to go through a bonding process whether you have a newborn puppy or an older dog that's set in his ways. The following are 10 tips that will help you and your new best friend advance through the bonding process. 

1. Create a Warm Environment

The housebreaking process is the very first step that you'll experience with your new dog. You will need to do everything possible to make your pet feel stable inside of the new environment. If you have the space in your home, it may be wise for you to dedicate one of your rooms to your pet so that he or she can have personal space to live life. You can use a variety of design schemes such as setting up flat-screen televisions for entertainment or installing wall-to-wall boxes full of favorite toys. You may even want to put a tent in the middle of the room to give the illusion of outdoors even when your pup is indoors. Nontoxic paints can help you create murals of delight. Additionally, you could get creative and use real grass for your dog to potty on such as a DoggieLawn!

2. Schedule Bonding Time

Dogs love routines and predictable schedules. Therefore, you should always plan your days so that you can have a consistent time for bonding and playtime. You can use a tool such as a calendar app to keep track of when you want to do outdoor and indoor activities with your new friend. Some suggestions for things you can do with your dog are:

  • Play catch
  • Teach him tricks
  • Play with her toys with her
  • Walk to the beach
  • Watch television
  • Visit a dedicated dog park 

3. Use Treats for Good Deeds

Positive reinforcement is crucial to your dog's development. You can make him feel good about himself by giving him treats whenever he accomplishes something positive. The treats teach him that good behavior and appropriate pet potty use bring gifts, and he'll be delighted to engage in them frequently. 

dog on lawn

4. Use a Loving Tone at all Times

Raising a new pet can be frustrating at times. However, you must always maintain a calm tone of voice with her, even during the most challenging times. Potty training, for example, is a difficult time because it takes a while for dogs to know that they are supposed to go outside and not in the home. Stay calm, and let your dog know that you still love her even if she makes a dog bathroom mistake.  

5. Let Him Relax With You

Another thing you can do to bond closer to your dog is to allow him to spend some relaxing time with you. Let him cuddle with you on the couch or bed as you wind down after work and watch television. Allow him to watch you work if you spend a lot of time on the computer. Spending quality time together is a part of bonding, and you should do it at your most personal times. 

6. Take Her out Often

Taking your dog out on the fresh grass for a walk will help you boost your bonding to her. Your dog needs exercise, so you should take her out several times a day. Change up the places you visit each time so that she never gets bored. 

7. Groom the Dog Frequently

Grooming can be a fun experience for you and your dog. She'll love having her hair combed. She'll adore being bathed, and you'll see the happiness in her face and get to share it with her. Do it frequently if you have the money to do it. 

8. Give Your Dog Healthy Foods

Giving your dog healthy foods will let you know that you care about him. Therefore, you should invest in foods that will help him grow and keep him fit and trim to enjoy life. Examples of healthy foods are foods like grain-free foods and certified organic mixes.

 9. Give Your Dog a Little Space

All lifeforms need a bit of privacy and space sometimes. It balances the scales of life for them. Allow your dog some time alone so that he can be with his thoughts from time to time. Don't leave him alone for too long, but don't smother him all the time either. With a little practice, you'll find the perfect routine. 

10. Don't Forget to Praise

As a pet parent, you'll need to incorporate some of the same practices that you would if your dog were a child. Giving your pet praise whenever he or she learns a new trick, fetches something for you or is well-mannered is imperative. Praise helps to boost the dog's self-confidence and self-esteem, and in turn, it creates a stronger union between the two of you.  

Try the previously mentioned 10 tips with your dog, and you'll develop a bond that's like no other. You may even think of some new ideas to bring you closer to man's or woman's best friend.