What "Method" of Dog Training Should I Use?

Monday, July 02, 2018 04:02:25 PM America/Los_Angeles

Even though a significant number of dogs are trained to relieve themselves while relaxing or playing outdoors, at times, it makes complete sense to teach them on how to have indoor potty areas (pee pads, litter boxes, turf, or REAL grass) and outdoor locations to eliminate. Indoor potty is a method that is commonly used by individuals who have very small dogs, those who cannot go outside due to matters related to health or changes in weather, individuals residing in high-rise buildings, and those who work for long hours and their dogs cannot hold it until they arrive.

Traditionally, indoor potty training involved the usage of newspapers, an aspect that led to what came to be known as “paper training” – but as of today, many people have resorted to using litter boxes that are filled with some fine shavings among other materials. There is also outdoor training of dogs that want to eliminate. This is a method that is preferred by homeowners with small homes or those who do not spend a lot of tie with their dogs. But what method of dog training should you use? Which method appears to be the best out there? Is there the ‘right’ way of training your dog to relieve itself especially when you are not around or you simply can’t get out of bed?

What method sounds the best?

There are different methods of training your dog to relieve himself or herself. The first, and arguably one of the most popular options or method is referred to as “active” potty method. This method is fit for owners that have got a lot of time to spend along with their pets. The goal of this method is to let dogs eliminate outside. In order to realize success, dog owners are advised to purchase a crate for the dog that is big enough for him to use it when he wants to eliminate. Of importance to note is that dogs do not like elimination on areas that they sleep and for this reason, it would be important for dog owners to buy a crate for the dog if the purpose is to reinforce this behavior.

Dog owners are always advised not to think or perceive the crate as a punishment to their dogs but as a simple safe place for their dogs to rest. If dog owners use the crate as some sort of punishment, their dogs may end up resenting the crate and the owner too. Also, the crate method is perfect for puppies which have been found to urinate twice in a span of one hour. For this reason, it is advisable to always take your dog to the area that you have chosen at least twice in a span of one hour if the intention is to reinforce this habit.

Under “active” training method, you may want to choose an area in your compound that is covered with mulch, grass, or straw grass, and is free from any other distractions that may prevent your dog from eliminating successfully. Some of the universal signs to monitor when your dog wants to eliminate include turning or moving in circles, panting, or even sniffing the floor. If you happen to observe this signs, then this would be a good time to take him outside.


Apart from the “active” potty method, there is what is known as the passive potty training method. This is a method that is mainly preferred by dog owners who can’t spend a lot of time training their dogs actively though they are still wondering how to train their dogs to relieve themselves outside. Just like the previous training method, passive training also has an active end goal of training a dog to relieve itself in a certain specific area of the compound.

On most occasions, unlike the crate that gets used in active training, a majority of pet owners here have a section that is dedicated for their dogs to stay while relieving themselves. Most of them use real grass. Real dog potty grass is the best thing to use for potty training because it doesn't smell like wee wee pads or fake grass. It's low maintenance and dogs are naturally attracted to the smell! DoggieLawn is the most trusted and inexpensive retailer for real dog grass

Of importance to note is that for home owners who happen to occupy flats, the use of this type of grass may also be preferable since it won’t be sensible to take your dog several floors down for him to relieve himself.

It is highly recommended for dog owners to stick to one method of teaching a dog new trick can be one of the most daunting exercises out there. Generally, indoor training is recommended for dog owners whose pets will train to relieve themselves while they are indoors. If you happen to work all day or have a busy schedule, you will be in a better position if you train your dog to relieve itself indoors. Consequently, if you happen to spend a significant amount of your time with your dog, you may resort on passive training method or a way of ensuring that your dog gets to relieve itself outside on designated spots.

When training your dog based on your preferred method, it is very important to ensure that you stick to a plan or you are very clear and consistent. Changing locations where your dog relieves himself will cause some confusion to your dog. Even though there appears to be no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ method of training your dog, a lot of people prefer passive training method based on the probability of ensuring that your house is clean from any smell or a chance of small kids getting in contact with waste eliminated by dogs.