Meet the Breed: Puggle

Updated On: Friday, April 1, 2022 12:00:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Part floppy-eared beagle and part wrinkly pug, there’s no breed quite like the charismatic puggle! Dubbed the “miniature mastiff” for the unique look that this designer breed sports, puggles have all the BFF (best furry friend) characteristics you’re looking for: loyal, fun-loving, and downright charming.  

Photo by Tom Hills


The Puggle has a low-maintenance tan coat that leans more towards its pug pedigree. Though the puggle tends to lose its beagle coloring, it does keep the beagle’s adorably floppy ears as well as a longer snout. But fret not, pug lovers! The puggle doesn’t lose those characteristic wrinkles that make pugs absolutely irresistible. 

Puggles can range a bit in weight and can come in anywhere from 10-30 pounds when fully grown. They reach about 10-15 inches in height and will resemble a beagle more in physique. This means a barrel-shaped torso, longer tail, and longer legs. 


If you’re looking for a spunky pup, the puggle just might be your answer. The puggle is the best of both worlds: A faithful and playful companion, puggles are good-natured dogs that can make friends with just about anybody! Because puggles will want to befriend other dogs and humans they meet along the way, socialization is crucial for raising a well-mannered canine. 

Puggle owners should be aware of the contrasting qualities between the pug and the beagle that the breed can exhibit. Puggles were bred in part to develop a more laid-back dog than the beagle, who revels in the joy of the hunt. However, it can be hard to predict where on the spectrum a puggle may fall; indeed, they will be a bit of both and perhaps at surprising times! While a puggle is happy to spend time at home close to their human, there will also be moments when they go into beagle-mode and follow their hunter instincts. Don’t be surprised if your mellow puggle is suddenly compelled to chase, dig, or otherwise seek out prey! 

Though puggles love dashing around outdoors because of their hunting instincts, they should live indoors. This, in addition to their playful demeanor, means they can get quite restless inside. Puggles will require devoted playtime and an abundance of toys to keep their minds occupied. 


As part hunting dog, puggles are an intelligent breed. However, they can be very stubborn and determined, which can pose challenges to the training process. On the other hand, if they set their mind to something, it will likely be accomplished quickly and with a great attitude to boot! This spirited breed will need to be in a home that can be encouraging yet firm when it comes to training.

Puggles can use any extra help they can get in guiding them to learn proper potty habits. Instead of working against their (very) stubborn streak, work with their natural instincts by offering a real grass pee pad. A dog bathroom like DoggieLawn has textures and smells of the great outdoors that puggles are bound to be drawn to!