Indoor Activities on a Hot Day

Friday, September 28, 2018 11:12:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

Summertime fun is not just about having fun in the outdoors. While playing and spending time under the sun and running through the fresh grass with your furry friend can sound super exciting, it can be equally exhausting at the same time when the temperature is dangerously high with elevated humidity level.  High heat and humidity can trigger the symptoms of a heat stroke in your dog causing him to pant more and feel weak.  It can be dangerous for his health as well. That's why you may want to learn more about the other indoor activity options for your dog, especially for a hot day. Here are some of our expert recommended indoor activity tips that your dog will love on those hot summer days.

Hide and Treat:

This activity is exactly how it sounds. Keep your puppy or dog engaged with this fun activity. Hide some of his favorite treats inside an empty shoe box or in a playroom and ask him to sniff and find. These games are fun and allow your dog to stay entertained too.

Create a Natural Set:

Use DoggieLawn fresh grass pads to create a natural setting indoors. These fresh dog grass pads are not only great as an indoor dog potty choice, but these can also be used as a fresh grass setup for your dog to play or relax. If your dog likes to play on grass, then this indoor green setup will certainly make him happy. Plus, his potty time is a breeze with these real, natural grass pads.

Puzzle Fun:

Puzzle-based games are so much fun to get your furry one’s mind keep going. You will find a variety of puzzle toys for pets available in the market. Food puzzles are great choices of fun games to keep your dog engaged and entertained for hours. A number of new puzzle toys for dogs are app-based and can be linked to a smart device, which means you can keep your little dog busy with some puzzles while you finish up something important.



Stair Exercise:

Climbing up and down the stairs is good for you and your dog too. Avoid the elevator and take the stairs with your dog. You can play some fetch games with your dogs here too. Simply, throw a toy at the top of the stairs and ask Fido to fetch. Your dog will certainly enjoy this fun activity away from the sun.

Trick time:

Dogs always love to learn new tricks, and this is important for their brain health too. Teach them some new tricks, allow them to learn and try. Such activities strengthen your bond with your dog. Upon completion of each task, your dog will feel a sense of accomplishment. Allow your dog to pick up his toys, find your slippers or turn off the light. In that way, your dog will feel content and useful too. Studies claim that some breeds of dog feel happier when they complete a task. Don’t forget to reward your dog when he learns a new trick and gives his best. Dog treats, toys or a friendly pat can make your dog feel confident and pleased.

Use Indoor-time to Train:

Utilize the indoor time to potty train your little dog. With the real grass pee and potty pads, you can make your dog’s potty training experience an enjoyable and stress-free one. It’s common among dogs to feel instinctively natural to go on real grass. The fresh patch of grass pads with a leak-proof base is mess-free too. Unlike most other artificial pee pads, these real grass potty pads don’t require cleaning and maintenance. All you need to do is discard the patch and replace it with another fresh grass tray after every usage.

Summer Indoor Walks:

Add a summer-time indoor walk to your summer specific routine with your dog. Activities such as indoor aerobic exercises and walking without a leash can help your little friend stay healthy and entertained. Many dog owners claim that sniff-walks are a good brain-stimulating exercise for dogs of all ages. Plus, such interactive activities will leave your dog feel relaxed, refreshed and happy. Try to incorporate such activities for at least 30 minutes a day, if you are changing the summer-time outdoor walk during those hot and humid days.

Treat Toys:

We all know that dogs love their toys as well as the treats. Make it interesting for your dogs by giving them a stuffed toy filled with his favorite treats. Food-stuffed toys will bring some fun twist to your dog’s summer-time indoor play session.

Bubble Game:

Perhaps, this is the easiest activity for you as an owner if you don’t want to chase around your house with your dog. Just sit and relax, and use a bubble gun or wand to spray some bubbles into the air. Your little or adult dog will chase, bite and burst the floating bubbles all over the house. Plus, this engaging activity will keep your dog’s mind and body energized.   

If you want to avoid outdoor fun with your dog on a hot and humid day, then use any of these ideas to keep your dog entertained and busy this summer. Don’t forget to buy some treats or stuffed toys to make these indoor dog exercise ideas a bit more enjoyable. Last but not the least; don’t forget to get his dog grass pad set so that your furry friend can enjoy his potty time.