Top Hypoallergenic Dogs To Consider

Friday, March 10, 2017 04:21:45 PM America/Los_Angeles

Here at DoggieLawn, we have a dog friendly environment in which dogs are more than welcome. One of our favourite 4 legged employee is Maybel, an adorable poodle that just happens to also be hypoallergenic.  A hypoallergenic dog sounds like a special breed that has been genetically engineered, or wrapped in a bubble,  but in reality, most hypoallergenic dogs have been around as long as there have been dog breeds. If you have allergies, you need to create a world that is hypoallergenic as possible.   No creature is fully hypoallergenic, however there are several dozen dog breeds qualify as hypoallergenic.  These are dogs that have a predictable, non-shedding coat, thereby producing less dander. Dander is the cause of  most pet allergies. Breeds that shed less tend to be a better breed for allergy sufferers. 

As with all choices of pet, you need to look at criteria that will make the pet a great part of the family.  Being hypoallergenic, is just one of the choices. Do you want a small dog for an apartment, or a sedentary lifestyle? Do you want a dog that will do sports with you? Is a dog that needs plenty of exercise and needs to go outside multiple times a day to go potty something that goes hand in hand with your preferences? Or do you need a breed that requires more mental stimulation? You'll want to explore the different non-shedding dog breeds and see what their characteristics are and what suits your lifestyle. 

In general, many of the terrier, or mixed terrier breeds are a good choice, but here is a list of our top hypoallergenic dog picks.

Bedlington Terrier Hypoallergenic On Grass

Bedlington Terrier – is a small breed that was developed in the mines of Northern England.   Silver white hair, it has a similar appearance to a lamb.   A fast dog with high endurance, they are plucky dogs who adore their owners.   They are renowned as an intelligent breed.

Yorkie Hypoallergenic

Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie – is a small dog that has been a family favorite for years, and often is found sporting a ribbon.   Cheerful and full of personality.   They have an air of importance in their prance.   They can be overprotective at times.   They are curious and fond of attention and make an excellent lap dog.

POrtuguese Water Dog Hypoallergenic

Portuguese Water Dog  -  is a working dog and a rather rare breed, with a shiny, wavy dark coat, they are the perfect water dog.  They are easily trained and have sweet, loving dispositions.   They are independent, but stay close to their family.  Bo and Sunny made the breed famous as the Obama dogs.

Goldendoodle hypoallergnic

Goldendoodle is a new breed and a rather lovely Cinderella designer sort of dog.   It’s a cross- breeding of a golden retriever and a poodle. The combination breeds a healthier dog with a great personality.    Although the desire to find a tennis ball seems to a beacon of desire for this mixed hypoallergenic dog breed.

Kerry Blue Terrier Hypoallergenic

Kerry Blue Terrier is a working dog.   A deep chest with a blue tinge to its coat, it has a wooly appearance.   A determined, stubborn dog, it is protective and gentle with children and very loving to its family.   Long legged, Kerry Blues love activity and are very social dogs.   In the past they were police dogs who responded well to good training.  

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog of Tibet.   This is a charming toy dog breed.   Described at times as a walking feather duster, it is a sturdy dog that has held one of the most popular places as a lap dog, who loves attention.   Outgoing and affectionate, they can be stubborn and know what they want, at times they can be the comedic ballerina of dogs. The rainbow of colors of the coat allow many choices.

Poodle Hypoallergenic

Poodle is a family favorite.   A variety of colors and a variety of sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy.   It’s a hypoallergenic dog breed that has something for everyone.   Ranked one of the most intelligent dogs, they are obedient and are wonderful assistance dogs.    Whether sporting the well known “poodle cut” with pompoms, or a close cut, they have a distinctive look.   The smaller breeds have less tolerance for small children but this is in general a great family dog and has stood the test of time.

Clean often. Vaccum well. Provide your dog with a comfortable grass potty of his or her own. One of the ways to assist in your hypoallergenic lifestyle is to invest in indoor hydroponically grown grass for your new dog, it’s great for them and your allergies.  Making him as happy with his grass potty, as you are with the value he brings to you life.