How Often Should Dogs Go to the Vet?

Updated On: Friday, December 8, 2023 13:07:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

Many dog pawrents are told that the golden rule for check-ups is to go once a year. But did you know that the frequency of vet visits varies for each life stage? Though yearly visits are the foundation of your canine companion’s long-term health, doggie wellness goes beyond annual check-ups. Ensure a long and happy life with your furry BFF by staying on top of vet visits and tending to problems as soon as they arise! 

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Puppies that are younger than a year old need to visit the vet frequently for regular vaccine boosters. While a wellness check won’t be as often, these visits can be a great opportunity to establish a relationship with your vet as well as get your dog used to the doctor’s office. You can also take the opportunity to bring up any concerns you might have about your growing pup. If you’re wondering what the initial vet visit will include, check out our post on what you need to know before your fur baby’s very first vet trip! 

Adult Dogs

An annual check-up is generally sufficient for healthy adult doggos. During the yearly examination, vets look for dental, skin, respiratory issues, and more. If your fur ball deals with seasonal ailments like allergies, it may be a good idea to schedule check-ups before allergy season gets going. 

Have a question in the meantime? Telehealth vets can advise dog pawrents and help determine if an in-person visit is needed. Services like AskVet even offer a rainy day fund for any emergencies or issues that might arise between annual check-ups! 

Senior Dogs

Age makes older dogs more susceptible to health issues. It’s recommended that check-ups are increased to twice a year as canines age. This lets dog owners catch problems sooner rather than later and prevent them from reaching a critical stage. Increased check-ins with the vet keeps ailments such as arthritis and kidney disease from developing or worsening.

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