Household Products That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

Friday, October 26, 2018 09:37:37 AM America/Los_Angeles

Knives, guns, and scissors might be the top most dangerous household items. But dog lovers have an entirely different inventory of hazards to struggle with concerning canine care. Safety-proofing the house for your pooch starts with identifying and eliminating the dangers that pose risks to your pet. 

Here are the various household products that pose risks and challenges on the health of your dog while indoors.

Edible Hazards

Several edibles that are tasty to you can turn hazardous on your pet. Chocolates may cause severe seizures and death. The caffeine in coffee may also harm the dog extensively. Macadamia nuts are poisonous to dogs while the big center seed of the avocado is a choking hazard. Alcohol causes acidosis that result in cardiac arrest, kidney, and liver damage.

Onions kill a majority of the dog’s blood cells causing the life-threatening Heinz Body Anaemia. Pay attention to food ingredients to avoid these hazards. Although garlic is not as dangerous as onions, large quantities can produce the same problems. Chicken bones and all types of bones are brittle and hazardous. 

Raw material is not ideal for the dogs since some are vulnerable to many bacterial poisonings that include salmonella and many others. Although grapes and raisins seem like a perfect snack, they cause acute renal failure in canines. 

These food hazards call for your reassessment of your kitchen. During extreme weather, especially winter, dogs spend a lot of time in the house. When your dog is spending extra time indoors because of the weather, it's important to make sure the house is kept safe. You'll also want to make sure they have access to a dog bathroom such as a DoggieLawn. DoggieLawn is an indoor pet potty that your dog can use when they need to go potty indoors! 



Human Medication

Human pain relievers, when ingested by your dog, may interfere with blood oxygen flow resulting in irreparable harm to their liver. Whenever you are on antidepressants, ensure they are kept away from the dog. Most of these medications cause seizures, vomiting, and even death. 

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals  

Store all prescribed veterinary pharmaceuticals from your pooch to avoid overdose cases. Most oral doses are flavoured which makes them attractive. Whenever your dog finds the stash, they might gobble it down. Also, never borrow or take drugs meant for another pet since the dose might not be fit for your dog. 


It is common knowledge that anti-freeze is poisonous to dogs. Unfortunately, this product has a sweet taste that makes it irresistible to dogs. Always ensure that there is no leakage in your car’s radiator. The Ethylene glycol in this product may cause kidney failure and eventually kill your pet when ingested. 

However, with all this vigilance, you may overlook other sources of antifreeze like the blue product that you use to maintain cleanliness in your toilet bowl. Therefore, ensure that the label tells you what is safe for pets whenever you are using a “by the flush” bowl cleaner.


Although fertilizers may not smell like food to you, your pet might sniff out a delicacy. The nitrogen, phosphorus, and other chemicals for weed and insect problems are hazardous. For example, cocoa mulch incorporates the dangers of chocolate and fertilizers. 

Rodent Poison

Even if your pet may not gain contact with the household mouse/rat traps you set, they might devour a rodent that has ingested the poisonous bait. The ingredients that cause the rats to die via internal haemorrhage can harm your pet. Using attractants may attract your canine as well as rodents. 
Phosphorus and anticoagulants side effects that eliminate rat infestation may have devastating effects for the dog. 

Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products like window cleaners, bleach, and bathroom cleaners are stored in low places where your pet may encounter them. When your pooch consumes any of these products, at best they get severe stomach upsets while in worst case scenarios it may result in death.

Fabric Softener Sheets

Although these sheets may offer an ideal secondary solution for controlling pet hair, the chemical components in them are harmful to your pet. Your dog may want to play with the sheets and like their smell, but it is not an excellent idea.

Household Plants

Most house and yard plants are ideal for interior décor. However, their beautiful texture or smell may attract your pet to lick or nibble which may prove catastrophic. Most of them, including the real grass that makes up the dog potty may cause kidney or liver failure, vomiting, heart damage, diarrhoea, or even death. 

Some of the renowned lethal plants include sago palms, daffodils, azaleas, tulips, and rhododendrons.


These products may keep electronics going but they do not energize your dog. Batteries cause mouth ulcers together with throat and stomach complications when your pet ingests their acid.  

Tick and Flea Repellent

Even though these products protect your pet from suckers, they sometimes become hazardous. For example, when your dog chews on a flea collar, it gets lethal. Small dogs are at a higher risk.


Toys with small parts may result in your dog choking which may even result in death. Hence, always make sure that you collect all balls and playtime pieces that are not suitable for dogs and store them away from your pet.

Rawhide Dog Chews

Rawhide chews can host bacteria like Salmonella that are hazardous to you and your pet. It is, therefore, advisable to monitor the use, storage, handout, and life of chews to avert disasters.

Heavy Metals

Most of these products especially zinc, lead, and phosphorus can prove toxic. Pennies, paint chips, batteries, and an assortment of other household items that get ingested by your dog may result in serious medical issues. 

Protecting your dog from all the mentioned household products makes your pet’s indoor lifestyle comfortable and excellent.