Hosting a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving

Updated On: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 15:12:55 PM America/Los_Angeles

Who are we kidding? Thanksgiving was never meant to be just for humans. Oven-roasted turkey, fragrant pies, and rich gravy -- how can we expect dogs to not be as excited about Thanksgiving as we are? It’s no surprise that our pups eagerly crowd the dinner table during this annual feast. This year, don’t guiltily deny your pooch a chance to partake in this scrumptious holiday. With a little preparation, having a dog-friendly Thanksgiving is as easy as pumpkin pie!

 Photo by Tereza Hošková

  • Invite your dog’s BFFs: Is your dog the social type? If so, consider inviting their friends over so that they can join the festivities. It’s not only more fun for the entire group, it means one less day they have to stay at home alone on a cold, fall day. Dog-safe hors d’oeuvres encouraged! 
  • Prep dog-friendly snacks: There are few things more tantalizing than the scent of roasted turkey and pumpkin pie cooking in the oven. However, these Thanksgiving goodies aren’t always dog-safe. Set aside some non-seasoned turkey or unused pumpkin puree so your fur baby can safely join the family dinner. 
  • Provide canine necessities: Make your pup feel like a part of the family and the fun by providing easy access to necessities such as a real grass pee pad, food bowls, and bedding. Place items in an accessible but safe space where your dog can eat and use the dog bathroom in peace. If you do have other canine friends joining you, make sure each doggo has their own necessities to prevent a stressful environment. 
  • Get dressed for the occasion: The holidays always feel a bit more festive when you’re gussied up. Your dog can look the part too with a couple of paw-some accessories that also show how thankful they are. 
  • Spread the love: If you love dogs just as much as us, but you’re unable to host a gathering, there are still ways to have a dog-friendly Thanksgiving! Consider giving back by either making a donation to a local animal shelter or buying from small companies like DoggieLawn, who are committed to helping out dog rescues. 

Sharing the holidays with our fur babies is one of the best ways to show them how thankful you are for being in our lives. Though it can take a little extra effort, they’re sure to be grateful for having some extra time with their human and the delicious treats they get to indulge in!