Choosing the Best Harness for Your Dog

Friday, December 08, 2017 05:05:59 PM America/Los_Angeles

There are many reasons why you may decide to move from collar to harness. It could be for comfort, medical issues, behavior problems, sports, cold weather or potty training. There are many reasons to make you choose a harness for your dog over collar. It is mostly recommendable for those dogs that guide the blind people or for physical support. Also, you need it for your puppy in an event where you get time and decide to take it for a housebreaking after a long time spent indoors. Regardless of the reason, there are numerous options available and selecting the right harness for your dog can be tough and confusing. Below are useful tips to help you choose the best harnesses.

Check the measurements

The best choice is whose measurements are fitted specially for your pet. Most of the harnesses are sold online or ordered via a phone. Before making your order ensure you have the accurate measurements to avoid getting a harness that makes your dog uncomfortable. Use a flexible measuring tape or a string to do all the necessary measures. Do the measurements for at least three times for accuracy and then provide the average to the dealer. The sizes you need include;

  • Girth - This is the circumference of the dog near the front legs at the most profound area of chest
  • Length – Measure the length of your dog starting from the base of the tail to the bottom of the neck
  • Sternum to shoulder - This is the distance of the sternum when angles up near the neck to the small dip on the dog’s back between the shoulder blades
  • Height –This is the distance from the top of the shoulder to the floor.

Also, it is wise if you provide information about the age, sex, and breed of the dog. A good harness supplier should ask for such details.


dog with harness

Material of the harness

There is a variety of material to choose, from where most of them are made from nylon and other synthetic materials. Nylon is the cheapest one available. The leather is a bit expensive, and the fabric is especially suitable for aggressive or large dogs since it is stronger than nylon.

For comfort, consider adding some aspects like padding. Although it makes the harness more expensive, it is the best for dogs with short hair to protect the dog from chafing. Also, consider if your dog has any allergies to any material. It is therefore wise to consult your vet first before deciding on which material to pick. There are also other fundamental materials like cotton which allows the skin of the dog to breath.

Consider an adjustable harness

There are adjustable harnesses, and they are probably the best options if you are a happy owner of a growing puppy. This is because your dog may lose weight or gain some muscles. For a small puppy that is learning how to use dog bathroom, you will need an adjustable one due to pulling now and then, ensuring that it does not cause discomfort around the chest.


If you love taking your puppy for a housebreaking or walk at night, safety is a priority, and that is why you find bicyclists using reflectors and lights. If possible, you can buy a harness with a reflector or add a reflective tape. Also, you can use illuminated leashes which are specifically designed for safety at night.


                                                 By Nalaphotos via Shutterstock

Choose a standard harness     

This means that the harness is not universal. If you own a dog that is associated with weights or sports, it requires a particular kind of harness. The sports organizers will inform you of the required type of harness for your dog, and that is when you will need a universal one. Here are different options for weight pull harnesses and sled harnesses. Also, you may require a special harness for cold weather as there are fabrics specially made for cold-resistance.

If you are going on a trip with your dog where you plan on using a car, get a car harness which helps to secure the dog to its seat. Always ensure to explain what occasion you want the harness for to get a special one as per your needs.

No-pull harness

When the dog pulls the harness may tighten a bit, but most of the force will be exerted under the dog's armpits rather than the neck. Ensure to pay close attention to this detail checking if there are any signs of irritation or rubbing as the harness could pinch the dog in the armpits.

When you should use a harness

If your pet has neck problems or it is a smaller, a collar may not be a good idea as it can pull too forcefully when going for a walk. A harness is advantageous as it fastens around the dog’s body and it has a leash loop on the shoulders which takes off pressure from the dog’s neck. Harnesses are a great tool for potty training. It can be hard to housebreak your dog. Sometimes using an indoor dog potty solution, like a DoggieLawn, requires some time for your puppy to know what it is to be used for. Putting a harness on your dog with help in that as you walk your dog around the house to show them the spot for reliveing themselves. 

At DoggieLawn, we offer dog owners with the best and most convenient pet potty services. This is to ensure that you enjoy having your pooch around without the stress of having to clean up their mess or having to let them out every time they need to relieve themselves. We can also offer you with the most comfortable methods to train your pet to use the pet potty so that it can learn within the shortest time possible.