Eliminate Dog Odor Smells In Your Home

Thursday, May 05, 2016 10:44:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

We all love our fur babies. But living with an animal means more upkeep is required on our end. Factors such as a musty pup, hair shedding, wet dogs, and bad breath can contribute to a stinky home. If you’re trying to reduce pet-related odors in your home, we have some tips to help you get your home smelling fresh again! 

First, it's important to pinpoint the cause of the odors. What do you think is causing the smells? Do you think they’re coming from a crappy potty pad (pun intended) or could it be that your wet dog fell asleep on the couch? Well, we can't guarantee that your home will smell like lilies and roses if you have a traditional pee pad, but we can recommend that you give DoggieLawn’s alternative dog potty a shot. Not only do the roots help absorb odros, they're eco-friendly. If you have a friend whose house smells like "dog," send them a discount using this link so that they can try DoggieLawn!

In our previous post, we gave readers some info on the benefits of using baking soda around the house to get rid of smells. You can read up on other ways of using baking soda such as making a baking soda spray. Meanwhile, here are more tips on how to eliminate dog odors in your house.

How to get rid of odors:

Sometimes baking soda can’t remove smells that are soaked in the deep recesses of couches, under carpet fibers, and thicker blankets. However, a neutralizing agent like Anti-Icky Poo Odor Remover can help. If you have a dog that you’re training to go to the bathroom on DoggieLawn but still has an accident every now and then, it’s okay! Although you may be thinking, “Bad dog!” the chances of you being able to clean up and get rid of the odor sooner rather than later are pretty high with the help of various odor neutralizers on the market. 

Remove animal waste promptly:

If you have a dog who hasn’t quite caught on to using a DoggieLawn and makes a mess near it instead, make sure you thoroughly clean and/or soak up the urine/feces with paper towels. You should try to remove as much liquid as possible before cleaning the area with water. Let the water soak and clean up the wet mess once again. After the water has been soaked up and the area is dry, spray the neutralizing odor remover over the affected area.

Consider using tools:

Sometimes the work of humans can’t remove all of the stains and smells, so we recommend renting a carpet extractor or wet vac to do the trick; however, it’s crucial that you avoid using an in-home steam cleaner because this can further embed the smell in your carpet. Instead, use an extracting device made for pulling out accidents gifted to you from your pet. Once the extractor or wet vac has been used and the carpet is dry, spray the neutralizing odor remover onto the affected area. If you’re feeling like nothing is working to get the stench of your pet’s accident out of the carpet, it may be time to check the carpet pad. Sometimes pet urine will go far beyond the carpet, and that means soaking into any material underneath. Once you lift the carpet back, repeat the steps above.

The neutralizer that you choose should be pet specific and made to remove animal odors. These types of products can also be used for other causes of odor such as vomit, a spot that your wet dog laid on a little too long, or simply a sleeping area that has just becomes soiled from regular use. Make sure that you follow the directions on the neutralizer you choose for the best results.

Use a DoggieLawn to reduce for dog odors:

If odors are a continuing problem in your home, it may be time to take a look at not just your dog, but where they do their business. If you’re using an old fashioned potty pad, it’s time for an upgrade. Those types of mats are not sufficient for holding your pet’s urine and/or feces and often leak, spilling off the edges and seeping under the pad where they go unnoticed. You’ll end up dealing with messes and smells that will become harder and harder to cover up.

We highly recommend that you give DoggieLawn a try. They even make your life easier, with subscription options that range from weekly to monthly, or whatever schedule best for you and your dog. Plus, if your dog already knows how to use a potty pad, training them to use something natural that has a recognizing smell will be easier! Join DoggieLawn online now to learn more about our potty pads and stay tuned for our next blog post about how to remove persistent odors by using filters and upgrading their indoor potty.